How Beyoncé's Near Death Childbirth Experience Exposes Healthcare Issues For Black Women | Glam Gap

How Beyoncé's Near Death Childbirth Experience Exposes Healthcare Issues For Black Women | Glam Gap
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In the U.S., Black women die at an alarming rate compared to their white counterparts. The Glam Gap exposes the huge healthcare crisis Black women are faced with. #GlamGap #GlamGapBET


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  1. I love that we are having this discussion but we also need to talk about the stuff black people but into their bodies. We know the food is killing us, but we just don’t care .. why?

  2. The simple solution is clean up your diet and exercise more and you will see the doctor less. Meaning , they will have less chances of dying. Black women have to take some accountability before blaming doctors. If you live a sedentary lifestyle expect an early death and many trips to the hospital ?‍♀️….there I said what no one wants to say because suddenly that’s become racist.

  3. All this says to me is that they are killing us! You never hear about black women or women of color going through this in such great numbers in other countries. Natural childbirth needs to become "a thing" again. As I continued watching, this turned into a political campaign……smh. When will we learn nobody will care for us better than us?

  4. So we gotta wait for Beyonce to speak on her issues as a black woman for y’all to care about the rest of us common folk? ? gee wow I hate it here

  5. Black people love to trust white doctors. The same demons that operated on blacks with no anesthetic procedures back in the olden days and the same demons that are trying to exterminate black folks. How do you trust those demons with your health?!

  6. What white legislator will go to bat for Black women & our reproductive health & rights? I 1000% believe Bernie Sanders will through his fight for Medicare for All. That's why Bernie has my vote in 2020.

  7. BET, please add closed captioning for the hearing impaired, so these videos can inform more people. This information is vital for all audiences to hear. Thank you.

  8. And another thing is have a at home birth. They will lie to you and say it’s unethical when it’s healthier and better for your body vs the doctor slipping drugs into your body.

  9. It’s called move to a country with better health care instead of sitting around and waiting to die. It’s an option I’m willing to take for myself.

  10. All of the diseases are not hereditary, it's all about lifestyle! They are all caused by what you eat, how much toxins you are releasing from your body, environment, stress levels, etc.. We must recognize our power and take our lives into our own hands!

  11. The one thing that no one is speaking about is also the mistreatment by our own people in hospitals. I have been fortunate with my doctors. I’ve learned to speak up after my first bad experience at 17 when my baby was sick and they weren’t treating her. I had to contact the health department due to the mistreatment and then everyone acted accordingly after that but I have always had the worst treatment in hospitals by black nurses and I don’t get it and I always wonder if they treat the white patients the same way.

  12. I work in the healthcare industry and women in general in the U.S. have much higher mortality rates in childbirth than developing nations. Blacks, as with every other health crisis, have a higher disposition of negative statistics. Proof that we need to educate ourselves on our conditions and treatments. We MUST be our own health advocates.

  13. I’ve been treated unfairly also. Honestly, I told myself if this happens again…(it’s been over 10 accounts) I’m going to SUE! Because I had a still birth at 9 months pregnant because the doctors didn’t take my “Symptoms” seriously.

  14. Please keep in mind of experimentation on black people with diseases and illnesses that definitively affect our overall health that they don’t include by means of statistics. Example, the Tuskegee experiment in Alabama

  15. There was a documentary out about whites (especially white women in power in the 80's) making a decision to give black women shots that would make them infertile (because they were predetermining that blacks would not be able to afford to care for a child nor will they be achievable nor accomplished in their lives. Smh sickening.

  16. Why would we think, ask or expect the same folk who killing us help heal us? We better detox from their poison and take OUR health into OUR own hands.

  17. The part about black families not talking to each other about illnesses is sooo true. In my family here in Grenada, its like a cultural thing to keep the illness a secret. Even when the person is dead, people still dont like to say what the person died from. Its crazy.

  18. sigh I have 4 children and I definitely have hospital horror stories for each and every one of the births. My life's trauma has been the pregnancy and birthing experiences. I've even contemplated suing Los Angeles renown and glorified Cedar Sinai hospital…which was so bad that I prematurely left with my child after demanding an early discharge after a needlessly forced c-section birth.

  19. They will never tell you it’s the foods we eat, get off the sugars and cut back on meats. Seriously Exercise, they eat fresher foods in other places and not as much sugar. Junk food and fast foods aren’t being pushed like it is in America.

  20. I wish more black women would take this seriously! I know for a fact that the birth control shot is only offered to Black and Latino women in the community where I was raised. That shot cause all types of issues, I have refused it on multiple visits! And I still only have two children! My point is please research any type of medicine before you put it into your body! Learn the side effects… Your life could literally depend on it…

  21. I been knew this when I was pregnant with my son I was sick from start to finish it was to the point that I lost weight went from 240 to 198. It was anything I ate wasn’t nothing I could eat that would stay down. I took the medicine they gave me for the nausea and vomiting and I still wasnt keeping food down. This one doctor told me that I wasn’t trying hard enough and my child was suffering because of me. The whole thing traumatize me from start to finish. And they probably thought cause I was 18 that’s wasn’t the case.

  22. Omg yesss I went to the ER because my stomach was hurting super bad. They left me in the room for hours and just gave me some extra strength Tylenol (This is when I didn't have insurance). I also have been having horrible stomach problems my whole life so many ER visits since I was super little and nobody will even take the time to diagnose what's happening to me. When I had the Nexplanon rod I was bleeding literally everyday for months and started growing cysts everywhere my ovaries, my breast, little ones on my wrists, and palyps on my gallbladder. They just treated like it was nothing and they put it in wrong it was poking out of my arm. I had to literally say take this out of me NOW. For them to listen.

  23. This happens in Canada too I remember when I was having my son who was my first child I had a white female doctor because my original doctor had an emergency. She didn’t listen to anything I said she freaked me out.

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