Rescue Poor Dog Was Shot & Threw Him In A Huge Hole Make You Must Cry

Rescue Poor Dog Was Shot & Threw Him In A Huge Hole Make You Must Cry
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Rescue Poor Dog Was Shot & Threw Him In A Huge Hole Make You Must Cry

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This poor doggie was shot four days ago and then beaten him and thinking him dead, threw him in a huge hole.
We were told about this by the @socarofficial workers in the Balahani village.
All this time this poor doggie was alive, but couldn’t move.
Being tortured by agonizing pain, he was laying there under the sun and the wind and without any water or food.
It’s a miracle that he still hasn’t died and we discovered him although later.
Right now this doggie is at our shelter and we are fighting for his life with everything we have.
Tomorrow we will be taking him to the doctor
We will rescue and take care of this angel to have a better life

Courtesy: Приют для собак ???? ????? (goodworld.shelter)

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  1. I cant believe there are people this cruel who would hurt a sweet dog or hurt any animal. But iam thankful there are some really good people who rescued an saved this babys life. Thank you so much for being a champion to the animals . you are awesome. I hope he finds a home.

  2. NO, absolutely NO dog ever deserves this !! To get shot, seriously beaten and dumped like trash, with NO chance of survival or escape at all…WHO in their right mind could even think of torturing a dog in this despicable way !! I´m happy that he´s saved, given a second chance to the life he´s more than worthy of …..

  3. Vous les humains vous les abandonner ce criminel aider les aimes les nourrices les soigner les sauver les ils sont inocen adorable ils sont vivants vous devez les protéger ils ont mal pourquoi une créature vivent merci beaucoup pour votre aidé

  4. Days alone and agony but thank to you to helped him and show him that not all the humans are the same so thank you for be kind, bless you and all the best to you and to him, get well and have a peaceful life ??

  5. Thanks for helping him, but could you please handle the animals you help with more care. As much as pain as this dog was already in you could have been more gentle with him.

  6. 良かつた、ですねーこんなに元気に成りました、もう大丈夫でしょうねー本当に有りがたいです、中々、出来ることでは有りませんから、こんなにに優しい、好意に私は、感謝の心が、文字を打つ、手に、涙が、落ちました有りがたい、気持ちでいつばいです、有りがとう、ございますお幸せにね、皆さんが、成ることを祈ります。??✌✌?ほ

  7. I pray that whoever did this to this poor dog die painful just like they left him,and thank you all for what you are doing for these dogs,please find them good homes

  8. What a horrible person that did this to that poor innocent dog I hope they find who done it and do the same to them thank you for saving that buitiful dog god bless you

  9. I am soo fucken angry why would you do this to this poor baby sooo glad she was found in time just hope she recovers as her injuries where really bad stay strong little one and fight to stay alive god bless everyone that helped in the rescue ????????

  10. Omg the dog is hurt enough and this helper is grabbing and transporting him by the scruff of neck and the rear end. Dude learn how to carry a dog properly

  11. ? heartbreaking. Thanks ???? for saving him. U people are Angels. Appreciate d person who picked d doggy with hard effort from d hole. May god bless you all n reward you all.

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