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Look around, orbs, flashing lights, etc. Very eerie place!


Stef and Joe were both born and raised in Michigan and continue to share their travel and local adventures with the YouTube community. They strive to provide information, educational, and entertaining video and commentary in search of new adventures.

YouTube: WDW19852008

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  1. if it is a cow then what on earth is a cow doing at a national state park? i also heard at the end what to me sounded like soldiers giving up a great charging run cry

  2. I've been to Gettysburg twice, and will be going again in 4 days as of this comment. I've had experiences there both times that I went before, but nothing like this. What was that thing that flew across the screen at 1:06????

  3. that's 100% not a cow? it's the battlefield and animals like that aren't even near areas with fencing like that unless they're far away from monuments(and most of the farm animals in that area are horses not cows)
    and those orbs also look pretty real too honestly

  4. I've seen a red light run out, and back into the woods while I was there. It was assuring to also see the red light here. I learned it was the ambulance wagon

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