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  1. I was into it like OH SHIT, til joe said so how much air did you have left oh hour and a half. Maybe if he was to have said my regulator was sputtering and i was seeing spots it would have been a decent story

  2. I don't believe that really happened to him, dude seems like a liar.

    Only joking, he told that amazingly, really intense.

  3. this is the kind of feeling that scares me about fire fighting. you cant see in the smoke, the air is super heated, every breath is depleting your supply. imagine crawling around in some ones house in the dark and trying to find your way around, getting trapped in cluttered rooms. finding victims, putting out fire in the dark, carrying around heavy gear. with the mask , it restricts your speech and the bunker gear feels like you are inside a box and your sense of touch is muffled by gloves. I love fire fighting but I hope the shit never hits the fan in a way that causes complete panic.

    I appreciate Joe Rogan so much because he inspires me to be physically fit, iv started dong jujitsu a year ago and its a excellent skill even for Fire Fighters, Joe is a mans man that inspires pure masculinity and how to focus it and do amazing things. it can even save your life…

  4. goddamn Cowboy… that was a fucking intense story bro. Your ability to remain calm, and assess your situation is so fucking incredible. What a badass. There's no other word for a man that can harness that panic and fear, set it aside, and keep working the problem as long as you're able to.

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