Our UK sailing boat collision (Caught on camera) Ep17

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UK Sailing boat collision, the moment it was caught on camera!

Our boat was crashed into by another boat while we were filming some DIY videos on our blue water sailing boat (CADOHA), whilst moored up on the south coast of the United Kingdom.

The past couple of weeks on our sailing yacht had been spent completing a long list of essential boat maintenance chores for our 1984 Trident Warrior sail boat.

We originally bought our classic old boat up in Scotland and have gradually sailed her down, around the UK, via Ireland, before heading over to England, where we’re currently getting ready before we set sail for the Mediterranean in the spring of next year.

It’s been a challenging year so far, with not nearly as much sailing being done as we would of hoped, thanks mostly to one accident that left Dominic with a broken leg.

Life on the water certainly isn’t without it’s challenges.

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  1. Hi there, I'm new to your chennel, only watched up to where you bought the boat so far. One of my favourite channels is Sail Life. You may already know of it, but if not its a Danish Dude referbing a Warrior 38… Super resource and he is getting to know his boat inside out… Hope this helps. Fair Winds!!

  2. Summer 2018 we were parked at Sandhamn in Sweden. Late evening when we were already in bed, somebody slammed in our boat. No big damages, maybe a scrach or two, but what a BANG! He came to the berth alone with his boat, some sort of an excuse I admit, but having no fenders ready while doing that… What an id***!
    I think our boat was only 5 years old or somehing when we replaced the teak handrails with stainless steel ones. They go all the way from the cocpit to the mast. One of the best investments ever made to the boat.
    I always try to remove the sandwich structure from the areas where I intend to thru bolt something. Like handrails for example.

  3. One of our Engines blew on our Princess V40 off Weymouth en route to tourquay, the offshore lifeboat took us alongside and hit us and cracked all down the side of the boat! ?? they did rescue us though

  4. Hi That wind vane is going to cost a few quid £3,000 plus But you should be ablle to get new parts .
    On the sea toilet hose I have in the past removed the outlet hose taken it on deck and using the windlass really whack the hose along its lengh and the scale will fall out then refit the hose will be okay for another 5 years. as you have fitted a new hose make sure you have a good upper loop on it to save it flooding when you are heeled Cheers

  5. Having just lost our 10 year old Golden Retreiver watching your beautiful Hank was more painful than the boat collision – a dog, a boat & each other – enjoy everyday because you don’t need anything else other than time

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