Dark Angel Caught on Camera: Weird Ghost or Supernatural Entity?

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Shannon has this maybe ghost? She is creeped, and so am I. http://goo.gl/6VwhNo

Thr33 is my new movie. Creepy good. http://youtu.be/PuIsp2mrqYA

Weird creeper and & mysterious dead guy – So these two skater dudes sent this in to me and I’m not sure what to think about it. I’m pretty sure it’s not some evil demon or lost ghost. I don’t even really know exactly what’s going on but this supernatural entity seriously freaked me out. Do you think it could be real? So I did a little research and I’m pretty sure that it has to do with some crazy supernaturals or immortals…or something! Just look at the dead guy’s back. I watched it like 20 times and I’m so happy that they sent it to me, so I can show it to you but it still freaks me out.

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Enredadera Extraño y misterioso y muerto – Así que estos dos tipos patinador enviaron esto a mí y yo no estoy seguro de qué pensar al respecto. Estoy bastante seguro de que no es un demonio malvado o un fantasma perdido. Ni siquiera sé exactamente lo que está pasando, pero esta entidad sobrenatural me asusté en serio. ¿Crees que podría ser real? Así que hice un poco de investigación y estoy bastante seguro de que tiene que ver con algunos seres sobrenaturales locos o inmortales … o algo así! Basta con mirar la espalda del chico muerto. Lo vi como 20 veces y estoy muy feliz de que lo enviaron a mí, para que yo pueda mostrar a usted, pero todavía me asusta.

奇妙なクリーパーと&神秘的な死んだ男が – だから、これら二つのスケーターの男は私にこれを送って、私はそれについて考えることかわからない。私はそれがいくつかの邪悪な悪魔または失わ幽霊ではないかなり確信している。私も実際に起こっているのかを正確に知りませんが、この超自然的実体は真剣に私をびびる。あなたはそれが本当かもしれないと思いますか?だから私は少し研究を行なったし、私はそれがいくつかのクレイジーゴースト·アーミー/怨霊部隊や仙…か何かに関係していることをかなり確信している!ただ、死んだ男の背中を見てください。私はそれが20回が好きで、私は彼らが私にそれを送ったように嬉しい見たので、私はあなたにそれを示すことができるが、それはまだフリーク私を。


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  1. Funny how the trench coat was on the dumpster the entire time till he turns the camera back on and here comes the creepy streaker…xD….

  2. This effect is too perfect to be created by sone fools on a computer.. this is the real stuff… and there are more videos like this on the internet.. you just need to know where to look… Remember there are light and dark angels fighting for the fate of the earth … this battle is taking place everywhere.. even underground.. thats the cause of the earthquakes on big cities

  3. This is obviously a demon teleporting this fallen to whatever dimension they came from… the wsy the aire lifted and the circle generated at the same time as their bodies vanished it cannot be fake.. there is no way… this is a real footage of a fallen angel… they always use hoodies in their human form

  4. Este vídeo é muito surpreendente, impactante.
    – Ficou muito perfeito, que me pergunto, do que se trata, de qual "FILME (pelícola), será desta visão, ou câmera, em qual parque isto foi gravado???
    → Muito bem, ótimo!!!

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