Hope For Paws: Saving an injured senior homeless dog from hard life on the streets. Please share.

Hope For Paws: Saving an injured senior homeless dog from hard life on the streets.  Please share.
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Please donate $5 to Hope For Paws to help save dogs like Rudolph from homelessness and neglect.

If you are BLOCKED from watching this video, please use this
alternative link: https://vimeo.com/eldad75/videos

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PLEASE SHARE: Rudolph’s rescue story: Hope for Paws received a call about a senior homeless dog living off a freeway. Lisa Chiarelli accompanied me on this rescue and we saw the frail dog sleeping. After struggling to break free, Rudolph realized we were friends not Foes. We could see a lifetime of neglect in Rudolph’s eyes, but the moment he smiled, makes everything we do worthwhile.

With over 30,000 stray, abused, abandoned and homeless dogs in Los Angeles alone, we always encourage adoption as a first choice for a pet. 🙂

To adopt Rudolph, please contact our friends who are fostering him: http://www.LionelsLegacy.org

Please SHARE and help us find Rudolph a loving forever home.

Thanks 🙂



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  1. Hello Hope for Paws and I thank you for the thousandth time for helping these poor animals is such great need. This part of the comment is for the people who dislike and the haters of these video's. After much thinking I've come to the conclusion that you's people are angry because you were abused or sexually abused as children and didn't receive the help you needed so you've grown to be an angry hater when you see something nice happen. That's the only thing it can be, you've been diddled. But I'm here to help you to not be angry no more and nice good people don't have to read your demented crap any more. Simple fix guys, just go to a very high bridge or if you don't have access to one just go to the roof of a tall building and just jump off. Go ahead it'll be fun. Or maybe you have a gun handy. Just open your mouth point the gun in and pull the trigger. You'll love it. See there's easy ways to deal with it and no more haters. I should have gone into some type of a problem solving business, I'd be rich lol.

  2. Eldad and Lisa to the rescue again you make a great team. You can never watch these rescues dry eyed. Thank thou for what you do these animals have the most gentle and caring pair come to their aid. G_d Bless you animal Guardian Angels.

  3. Appreciate what you guys do but real talk to need to get rid off this dumb cheesy bullshit songs in the background. Pls do something about it ASAP Do voiceovers..!! Anything else!!!! But not this dumbshit pls

  4. As much I love the 'rescues and rescuers', some of the accompanying music just doesn't add
    anything.. but stress…. Would much MUCH rather hear the people doing the rescue talking… Please..

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