Mysterious Ghost Hand In Historic Photo Is Freaking People Out

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Is there a ghost in this photo or is it just an optical illusion? Check out those fingers resting on the girl’s shoulder. It’s unclear who they belong to. This photo from more than 100 years ago of girls working in a linen factory resurfaced after a relative sent it in to the website, Belfast Live.


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  1. most likely a stuborn kid behind his mom…easy to tell by hand size and position!…the real horror was the upcoming Ghostbusters Movie imo!

  2. You know, back then they had their own versions of photoshop and cropped out people with retouching, which obviously this was one of them.

    I really detest these far reaching stories for ratings… there’s no ghost hand here. Save the sensationalism for things that deserve it.

  3. While my Teacher Took a Photo in a Cafeteria about then While I Say like That's Not my Hand! Like still I wasn't Put on Olivia's Shoulder The Hand is Resting in Her Shoulder! Like Who They Belong To? But Also like Me and My Classmates Were Holding a Sign About Gratulations They Think it is My Hand… Like Some Students From High School Grateful for the School Year!

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  5. Guys, it's a prank. Someone photobomb (before photobomb was even a word), hide below (LOL!) one of the girls, and put his/her hands there. Simple solution.

  6. In those old flash cameras it takes a few minutes to take the picture sombody had their arm on her then stepped back where she was supposed to be and ruined the shop. I learned that in junior high thats why people never smiled back then. It took almost 15 minutes for the photo to develope and shoot the picture at the same time. You're welcome.

  7. A thumb with three fingers, look up Ghost handsvin pictures on YouTube and look for the family of four. Same hand

  8. That's the same hand on the child in another scary photograph. I'm starting to think it was just photoshopped on this one and the other one

  9. The skirt of the girl above has been retouched, it looks sketchy and too long. Check also the unnaturally dark outline of the right shoulder of the girl with the mysterious hand.
    There was obviously one more person on the right which was removed for some reason.

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