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  1. Hashima Island is an island listed as a World Heritage Site.
    Japan, a war criminal nation, committed brutal criminal acts that forced Koreans to work on the island in the past.
    I've been listed as a condition to disclose this fact
    The Japanese government is covering up the facts.

  2. But it didnt run out of coal… More coal deposits were discovered elsewhere n drove coal prices LOWER to where it was far cheaper digging in those locations… So its about MORE prosperity NOT the end of resources… Nice fake framing of the story…

  3. White people are experts on Japanese history?

    …such superiority.

    Why can't the Japanese be the experts and tell us the truth? …ohhh… Because white people are gods..

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  6. 【1965年7月】軍艦島の生活 LIFE IN THE ISLAND IN 1965
    So-called Gunkann-jima is now more famous than the real name, Hashima. It is one hour away from Nagasaki by boat. We can get coal in high quality from this artificial island.

    The population of this island is 2,700. Almost all of them are the miners and his family. There are nothing but coal mines for digging out and the residences for the miners. The priest came here to pray for safety all the way from Nagasaki. This is the boy who always pray for safety of his father and brothers.

    The ferryboat is operated 9 times a day. The sailing of the ferry is sometimes canceled because of the weather. The people who landed use this underpass and go outside. The passages and stairs are so winding that they are just like puzzles and riddles.

    The house was built high with 10 stories. Their life is rich enough to buy a telescope and enjoy the scenery and buy his daughter an organ and let her practice it. And his wife uses a vacuum cleaner, a frig, a rice cooker, a toaster oven and such as modern household utensils. The men enjoy fishing and catching big fish. The boys dreaming of their future keep pigeons and fly them into the sky.

    Only this school has a large ground whose soil was carried from mainland. The students practice riding a bike to find jobs on the mainland. This nursery school is located on the 10th floor. It is the most important for the children to be cultivated aesthetic sensibility. People now hope not to make this island only with iron and concrete but to grow plants and warm relationship on this island.

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