Can you spot the the 'ghost' on this UK antique shop's CCTV footage?

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Images captured on CCTV at Hopkinson Vintage, Antique and Arts Centre in Nottingham on May 26 prompted comments that the ghost of one of the shop’s namesakes was haunting the premises and browsing a rack of clothes. The building has been around since 1880, when H. Hopkins Ltd. was set up, and became one of the city’s leading merchants supplying industrial engineers.

The shop’s owner had been rewiring the CCTV when he saw the spooky figure.


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  1. I didnt see aghost but i saw the security guys flash light on the clothes rack, guess what, you cant see ghosts, because they aint physical , they were once but died ahmen

  2. Have you given a 12 year old access to your YT channel? Because this trash has all three hallmarks of being YouTube cancer.
    1. Typo in the title. Incorrect use of apostrophe signs when quotation should be used.
    2. Trash content.
    3. Superimposed generic license free music.

    You claim to be a news channel, and you can barely pull that off on a good day. What in the flying f*ck are you doing uploading this trash?!

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