3 Scariest Real-Life Haunted Houses

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Haunted houses are fun because they give us a scare without any real threat, although, urban legends say that some seasonal attractions across the country have real hauntings. The List’s Bradley Hasemeyer gives us a Breakdown of the country’s top actually-haunted houses.


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  1. An abandoned penitentiary I think I saw ghost adventures go there! Is anyone a ghost adventures fan? Because I am! Basically if you don't know what ghost adventures is it's a show on travel channel indigo to the most haunted places

  2. 1) this has nothing to do with haunted houses. SHOULD be called 3 haunted locations. 2) it's barely even TALKING about the 3 haunted locations. It's almost a sales pitch about what these 3 locations have become, tourist traps.

  3. Here where i live, we had a haunted house that mixed melted peanut butter with chocolate in an crazy-house and was eating it out of a toilet. They had to cancel it cause it was a little too far.

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  5. I'm 12, I've watched all the paranormal activity movies, the Enfield haunting and many other ghost movies however I am still TERRIFIED of ghosts

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