More than 40 animals rescued from 'deplorable conditions'

More than 40 animals rescued from 'deplorable conditions'
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Putnam County Sheriff’s Office and Animal Rescue Corps (ARC) said they rescued more than 40 animals from neglectful conditions at a Cookeville home Friday evening.

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  1. The A.R.C. once dealt with certain probation issues by having much longer appointments. It was much better than favoritism-based P.

  2. For Mr. Woodward. My name is Ken Haughton. I'm Canadian and live in Fort Erie Ontario. Buffalo NY is my neighbor. I promise $1000.00 to your fund for animals. As I'm earmarking the same for my neighborhood SPCA. Then after my shoulder surgery and recovery I'm dedicating some time every week to play with and clean up after our dogs. Cats too. God bless you and what you're doing.

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