MEET ALL OF MY PETS! (Over 30 Exotic Animals) 2018 | Tyler Rugge

MEET ALL OF MY PETS! (Over 30 Exotic Animals) 2018 | Tyler Rugge
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Updated 2019 Meet my pets video:
Meet all of my pets! I introduce you guys to all of my animals. There are over 30 of then including dogs, birds, lizards, snakes, fish, a hedgehog, and more!


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  1. It’s actually quite fitting that Aphrodite is of unknown gender, since the actual deity takes form of whatever gender you’re attracted to – or at least that’s what I have heard

  2. I'm Romanichale Gypsy …..
    I loved your video and think
    Your bird Gypsy is beautiful
    And is perfectly named, you're
    A great person (some people)
    Are overly sensitive…..
    They'll get over it.

  3. Loved watching this video and getting to meet all of your wonderful pets ☺️? I like how you educate others about the different animals and reptiles . Great video .

  4. me watches this video because of my exotic animal interest also me: watches and gets to the hissing cockroaches "oml eww whyyy, big nopeeee" *looks around- slowlyyyyy subscribes… oopsieee :)))))))

  5. I enjoyed watching all your pets. I'm 33 and have never lived without some form of four legged, feathered, scaled, furry animal. I currently have two birds. A Tiel and a quaker, and I am looking toward getting a different breed of parrot in the near future. Just gotta make sure I choose the right one for me.

  6. Nice Blue tounge skink, I get them in my backyard, and my friend has like 5 for pets, we go out looking for injured ones and bring them home (we have licences) it's great living in Australia

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