In Vietnam, a small paradise for some rescued animals (VAC)

In Vietnam, a small paradise for some rescued animals (VAC)
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Hello, this is a place I try to make comfortable and safe for the dogs and cats I have rescued so far, some of them abandoned, their previous owners didn’t want them anymore … too old or sick, some others have been bought before being tortured and killed for consumption. So this is a place, a small paradise for some rescued animals compared to millions of other pets stolen, brutally killed and eaten by savages.

From Vietnam with love …


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About the Author: Leopold Vincent


  1. A friend of mine visited Leo's sanctuary this month and it broke her heart to see Leo lives his poor life, eating old bread ( he is a vegetarian by the way) and have very limited finance to even buy a new fridge while his current fridge is not even working well. All the donation that he gets, go to the poor animals, hardy any for himself. Please help him @

  2. Anyone who interested in helping Leo, please log in to Please help !!!! animals in Vietnam have a very tough life. People don't like animals in general, but rather use them for looking/watching over their house or catching mice & rat…….etc, this leading to over population and create suffering & torture. Beside, animals 's thieves are everywhere waiting for any moment to catch them and sale to restaurant for meat.

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