Babies annoying cats – Funny baby & cat compilation

Babies annoying cats – Funny baby & cat compilation
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Really annoying babies and poor cats 😀

BABIES annoying CATS (PART 2) –

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  1. Que estupidos es esta? Yo no lo veo nada de gracioso esponiendo a los bebés a que los gatos los Rasguñen Entonces cuando pase algo así quieren crusificar al gato que tampoco tienen l culpa? por culpa de padres imbeciles ??‍♀️

  2. If you have both kids and pets, you try to teach them to get along with each other. Animals like cats might be cute and cuddly, but they also have teeth and claws! I think kids need to know they are living things with feelings and that there are things they like and don't like, just like them!

  3. who ever made these babies and cat fail videos are pieces of shit. cats scratch their claws embedding bacteria for protection against dogs,etc , hince the name cat scratch fever. those babies could get bacteria clawed into them getting sick. piece of shit parents
    there are videos of cats scratching babies and titled as funny! go to hell

  4. Most of these are cute but the one with the kid smacking the cat second to last dont be surprised when the cat really bites the sh** out of the kid . Please teach your children respect for animals and seriously dont film them abusing an animal not cute or funny. Again most of these were cute.

  5. Don't you worry so much. The domestic cats are not so dangerous. I, better, would not do it or would be close to the care, but these cats do not express signs of fear, hate or fight. The cats can recognize the game and the babies' friendship. When domestic cats get angry they go away. And they give punches, but they do not give scratches. Although, really, it would be careful

  6. Pas très intelligents de laisser son enfants déranger et embêter son chats, de plus celui risque pour se défendre de blesser l'enfant! C'est un manque de respect pour les chats et d'imprudence irresponsable evers son enfant!!!!

  7. Ppffftttt!
    I tell my kids to leave the cats alone, that they don't like being manhandled. Well my 6yo daughter didn't listen and picked up our cat Ann Purrkins. Granted we've had ann purrkins since she was a baby so she is well used to the kids….still, she gets annoyed. Well she scratched her pretty good on the lip. She was bleeding and crying….guess what i did to our cat?
    teach your kids to respect animals because the consequences can sometimes be fatal.

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