Hope for Paws! The Best Animal Rescue Channel ?

Hope for Paws! The Best Animal Rescue Channel ?
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Hope for Paws! The Best Animal Rescue Channel ?
I constantly receive comments and emails comparing our animal rescue work with Hope for Paws! How come our videos don´t usually show a full story, from beginning to end? Why do we keep animals at the hospital for months? Where is the Happy End showing the Happy Animal as Hope for Paws do?
Here are some reflections about Hope for Paws and the differences and similarities with our own work.
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About the Author: Viktor Larkhill


  1. Hello,

    I hope you will be able to read this. I have a 2 dogs, a Shih tzu, one of them have a skin condition. Ive been to a lot of veterinarian and they just cant seem to treat it. It goes back on. Maybe it will improve a little for a while and then things go back again. The last med that the doctor gave was bravecto. He says that the last resort and it seems it didn't do much to improve my dog’s condition. Right now Im giving my dog a prednisone, which seems to work to stop the itching and redness but if I miss it even just for a day, things will get worst again. I don't want to rely on this because they said it has bad effect and also it does seem to really treat my dog's condition. So, I guess I'm just taking chances here to ask if you can give me some advice or treatment. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you ??

    If it helps, here are the treatments for my dog.


    Shampoo with amitraz+ketoconazole

    Invermectin shots 5 shots

    Virgin coconut oil rubbed on skin and sometimes mix with food.

    Brewers Yeast tablet for 3mos

    Food is chicken and liver or fist at times but small bites only.

    Sometimes Zenith with Lamb&Rice

    NO BEEF.

    Blood test all normal.

    My other dog's skin is ok. No issue with skin.

    Thank you again and God bless.

  2. The people that make negative comments or compare rescues should do something good with their time like support these great causes. If you have nothing nice to say don’t say nothing at all. These amazing humans are giving their lives to saving the innocent and should be celebrated and encouraged not brought down with negativity. Keep you the good work Viktor and thank you ???

  3. Victor i like hope for paws for the work they do it is great but your style is different i love as the video is long enough to show all details and all steps so that we get involved in the rescuing too . U r genuine dear victor . Even i write comments on other rescuers channels to make poeple view your channel and videos too because i find that your job and style are amaziiiiiiig . With love. Layla.

  4. It seems to me that there is a lot of indifference towards these adorable little beings and if they WERE NOT WONDERFUL people like the Angels of Hope for paws these little Angels would have no hope …… Thank God you exist.

  5. Victor-I admire so much what you and your team are doing. You inspire me so much! I appreciate your story and learning more about your journey and what inspired you. Hope for paws is also great. I enjoy both. I do feel like identify with your animals and feel that love and connection to them more when there are updates and being taken on their journey to recovery. I appreciate that you take us on this beautiful journey with them!!! God Bless you!!


  7. am i going insane??? i watch tons of these rescues and i always thought i was watching eldad ( the guy doing this video) in the hope for paws videos… or is this guy not eldad? and who tf is viktor??? man i am confused…

  8. Viktor. Ignore the criticism! It really is not worth your time or energy.

    There can never be too much good or good humans in this world. We are all fighting evil and evil picks on the vulnerable.

    You, Eldad, Takis, Animal Aid and others are demonstrating how powerful love is and that love exists everywhere—among all nations and people. You break down barriers and prejudices. You remind me to ignore the propaganda and remember that there are good people everywhere. That we are all struggling together in a fight against monsters.

    You all have your own stories to tell…it’s like music with different melodies but the songs are all beautiful.

    Thank you Viktor. I feel grateful, reassured and hopeful because of you and the work you do.

  9. Viktor you are doing AWESOME THINGS!!! You do not need to do exactly like Hope for Paws. You are in a different country and thinks are different in Europe!!! I commend you for ALL YOU AND YOUR GROUP do!!! Keep it up!!! If I can help I will. Right now I have do take care of my babies who are 5 thousand miles from me. I pay $700 a month so that they are taken care of. Maybe one day I will be able to have with me.

  10. Well done Mr Victor! For some bizarre reason, I was hesitant to watch this.
    What a fool I was!
    You gave an eloquent defense of your work & a succinct break down of how what you do differs from many other rescues.
    Im not sure why people feel they have to judge one rescue over another?
    Makes no sense.
    Even though you happend to mention most of the foreign rescues (Im in Canada, so they are all foreign) I subscribe to, each one is quite different, their techniques shaped to their environments.
    & that’s precisely how it should be! Im sad you had to make this vid!
    I really wish the negaholics would just go away, or, perhaps, why dont they try rescue themselves?
    Would get a sharp dose of reality, perhaps?

  11. Viktor you said it all. I watch so many rescue channels and there isn’t one that I don’t like. I love animals and all theses channels. Each one of these rescues have different approach. Personally, I love to see the medical care as well as the after care that the animals get more so than the rescue. Your rescues are very touching as much as the others. Hopefully it won’t be necessary for people to think that you need to explain your approach to them anymore. You and your team are doing an awesome job. I believe I’ve seen all your videos. If not, I’ll be finding them.

  12. Hello Viktor, I love what you and your team does! I find anyone who saves animals to be kindhearted people. Anyways, I have a school project in social studies about world problems, and I know in Spain specifically, animal protection laws only fine abusers, rather than punish them for their crimes, but I don't know much about it otherwise. Would you be willing list some of the injustices in Spanish law for animals?

  13. Love both channels, and donate monthly to BOTH Hope For Paws and Let's Adopt (as well as many others) – if you can, please help give voice to the voiceless! 🙂

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