Typhoon Hagibis lashes Japan

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Japan’s largest storm in decades touched down this weekend setting nerves on edge. Caryn Ceolin with how life in the capital ground to a halt, as residents were urged to do whatever they could to save their lives.


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  5. 30+ people dead, 20 + missing and hundreds injured. 500,000 without power and essentials …However, the Rugby and F1 is the priority…….I think the world has lost its mind….Since when is sporting events more important than human life and survival???????? I think you should be ashamed of yourselves participating in sports during such a crises. Its disrespect of human life lost and the suffering others have endured. Nice display of humanity at play…NOT.

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  7. Mas malala pa siguro yung bagyong Yolanda dito sa pinas eh.
    Pero infearness kahit baha na walang mga basura na palutang lutang ,pero dito sa pinas pag bumabaha???
    Ang ganda pa naman ng Japan kahit hindi pa ako nakakapunta doon.

    Dapat China ang hinagupit ni Hagibis ,masyado na kasi silang mayabang.????

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