Rescue an Abandoned Dog with big Tumor on Face |Animal Rescue TV

Rescue an Abandoned Dog with big Tumor on Face |Animal Rescue TV
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About the Author: Mike Brown


  1. Lord Jesus I pray for your miracle to heal this poor doggy Lord please have mercy on this innocent dog and give her a second chance at life in Jesus I pray Amen thank you God praise you God

  2. Star,whatever it is you're facing right now,we want you to know that we're here for you..our prayers are with you.Lord,please give Star another chance to live this life without this kind of that she has a family,please let her experience all the love and care that a loving home could offer..heal her Lord..have mercy..Jesus,please take over..Amen..
    Please update us soon about her..thank you and God bless you all..

  3. quella gran brava persona che lo ha abbandonato proprio grande!!!farai i tuoi conti con questa piccola e bella faccetta?credimi laresa dei conti arriva per tutti lo racconterai a tua volta.grazie per quello che fata per questa piccola bella faccetta??????ti auguro il meglio gioisci piccina!??❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  4. No you will not update the next time because you never do update you show these pitiful in a most you do nothing for their help you do nothing to say them but then you ask for money do not donate to these people animal rescue overseas Vietnam. And Mike Brown do not donate to these people they do not give you updates they don't take care of the animals they don't give him medical treatment medicated baths bandage the wounds x-rays nothing sad don't donate to these people unless they show updates on all the animals that they failed to show an update on and left us hanging in the air wondering what happened to the dogs

  5. black at Takis Animal Sanctuary has one just like this dog and they allow that dog to continue to walk in a walker his hind legs are paralyzed and they're going to let him go until he dies they didn't operate they didn't do anything

  6. Poor dog not nappy e even they touch her not even care not nappy face I'm sure the ? in pain ??

    Why they wite so long the tomure got that big ?
    That poor ? can't even eat properly he's in pain sad face ? god mercy to that ?
    People see suffering dogs cats don't even care untill end of their death row ??

  7. You have my love & strength. I have not met you but you are AMAZING to take Star on. Star amazing for coming so far….she waited a long time for it. TY for choosing to adopt a hospice dog! You rock!
    Star, enjoy every moment. Sorry you didn't get it sooner.
    Strength & Love from NH, USA.

  8. Beautiful Star ? if she has had this condition why did nobody help her before if they had the surgery might have went well thanx you to these 2 amazing ladies that opened your hearts and home to Star ? hope she will get better but the and care she is getting is amazing. God bless you baby Star ? you are with people that love and read to and give you ice cream I am just hoping that if you have surgery it will be ah success but for now sweetheart enjoy your with these amazing ladies because they love soo much will pray for you sweetheart can if possible have an update on Star ? pleeze ????????????????????

  9. Please never feed dogs ice cream. It's full of sugar and dairy products which will give dogs seizures. Stop that ice cream. Think more before feeding dogs something please go on line to see it's good for them or not. U r killing the dog more than helping it

  10. Allah bless you always for helping them insha Allah you will recover soon my sweetheart and my all prayer for you baby♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️???????????????????????????


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