Tibetan Food in Shigatse – TRADITIONAL BREAKFAST in Tibet!

Tibetan Food in Shigatse - TRADITIONAL BREAKFAST in Tibet!
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Thank you to https://www.travelchinatibet.com/ for hosting me on my trip to Tibet!

SHIGATSE, TIBET – Along with Lhasa, Shigatse is one of the most important and largest cities in Tibet. We had the honor to explore Shigatse for the day, learn about the city, eating Tibetan food, and learn about the amazing Tibetan culture. #Shigatse #Tibet #food

Tibetan breakfast – There’s nothing better to eat for breakfast in Tibet than tsampa – roasted barley flour, mixed with yak cheese, yak butter, and sugar, and formed into small hand-squeezed balls. It grows like a loaf of bread in your stomach – it’s so hearty and filling. The best part of the experience was eating it in a local home and watching them as they made it for breakfast, the common way they do everyday for breakfast. The butter tea was excellent.

Tibetan food lunch – We went to a local family restaurant for lunch we we tried a number of Tibetan, and specifically Shigatse foods, including dumpling in soup, a fried bread stuffed with yak, fried sheep lungs, and Tibetan blood sausage. It was a heavy and meaty lunch, and the food was delicious.

Tashilhunpo Monastery – As the palace of the Panchen Lama (second most important spiritual figure in Tibetan Buddhism), the Tashilhunpo Monastery is one of the most sacred and important sites in Shigatse. After walking around the temple complex in the morning, we then went into the temple complex in the afternoon.

It was a great day of food, exploring, and learning in Shigatse, Tibet.

Thank you to Travel China & Tibet (https://www.travelchinatibet.com/), they sponsored my trip to Tibet, and they did an amazing job to cater to the exact things I wanted to do. Highly recommended when you visit Tibet.



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  1. You'll need to be in a tour group to visit Tibet. The restaurants that the tourist group take you are usually very mediocre at the best, they are also comparatively more expensive then local restaurants since they have English menu. The real gem is when you roam to good restaurants while the group is stationed at a city and not travelling.

  2. I love this series. Reminiscent of the Bhutan series. Interesting how certain regions do not have a huge variety of produce and how they diversify what they do have.

  3. Absolutely loved the Tibet series ! Always wanted to visit Tibet and so glad I can somewhat live through the experience through your videos !

  4. K. But yeah that’s fine I don’t want to go home ? night and you don’t want me anymore lol ? is your time to come home to me lol lol I’m sorry ? is the day I got home ? is that the one that you want me lol to me I just want to you talk like you don’t know how to you lol I love ? I love ? I’m not a big girl and you know what I’m saying lol lol I don’t want you anymore I want you and you want me you know I know you’re a girl ?? was my birthday ? I like the best I have so many amazing ? is that only I love you so I don’t know ? I know you have a lot of fun and uuuiuioyryyru I was just like so ne

  5. Very interesting. Love watching the local Tibetan people are so hospitable . The authentic Tibetan food looks delicious and very different. Thanks Mark for sharing your experience in Tibet.

  6. I would have watched it with my grandma. If shes with me.She wanted to see tibet as she was forced to leave Tibet at such a young age to India with my grandpa and thanks for touring us through your video to Tibet as it has been our dream land and unfortunately we are not allowed to go to our own mother land

  7. Thanks for posting this video because now I know not to ever go to Tibet. It looks dirty and the food looks horrible even worse than Thailand

  8. Much respect to awesome folks of Tibet, regarding the Yak meat we have many of those in northern parts of Afghanistan and folks let me tell you Yak meat test like bulldozer and extremely dark and tough

  9. Thank you so much for visiting my homeland Tibet. You are always the best YouTuber ever. Love you Mark. May Buddha bless you & your family always.

  10. Current Panchen Lama has been kidnapped when he was 7 years old and since than he is in the custody of Chinese authorities. And the Chinese authorities are not giving us a single hint on his whereabouts.He is the youngest political prisoner ?? and we Tibetans pray for his safety all the time. Free Tibet ?

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