Rescue 2 Poor Dogs Locked in a Rusty, Cramped Cage |Animal Rescue TV

Rescue 2 Poor Dogs Locked in a Rusty, Cramped Cage |Animal Rescue TV
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  1. Oh my gosh how can people do such a thing if you can call them people. I’m glad that they are in good hands now. Thank god there are humans like this they save animals. Thank You for doing this

  2. Shame shame on this person. Who in Gods great name would do such a thing? I would have had a hard time not putting my dust through his/her teeth. Shameful…sickening…I am at a lose for words at how disgusting this is.

  3. No hay ninguna clase de justificación …ninguna ….la negligencia y la indiferencia son grandes crímenes … omisiones de cuidado y bienestar animal . Repudio internacional a toda forma de abuso ..basta ya!

  4. Dios mio xke tener a estos angelitos en estas condiciones tan cruel, pekeños indefensos ke solo piden ke los amemos y respetemos, mis hermosos angelitos; siempre recordaran kienes fueron sus salvadores, estos angelitos peludos no olvida n…gracias x cuidarlos y rescatarlos..saludos desde PERÚ

  5. Porquê o ser humano faz isso? Pode ter certeza são pessoas incrédulas, não temem à Deus, gratidão namastê à vocês que o salvaram DEUS os abençoe infinitamente gratidão namastê por tudo ??❤

  6. Сколько жестокости у этих ТВАРЕЙ – хозяев. Ужас. Как можно смотреть на это каждый день? Просто живодеры. Какие собачки прекрасные, милые. Огромное спасибо людям с доброй душей и теплотой. Дай Бог Вам крепкого здоровья и счастья, дарите добро.

  7. And it took you a**** people all those years to finally speak up and rescue these dogs why didn't you rescue them several years before shame on you people may God have mercy on you you're just as low-down scum as the owner has for not speaking up sooner take of care of these animals shame on you

  8. So always let us know how you were able to get the dogs in your custody plz. Did you just take them or did the pathetic owner give them up?

  9. Why even HAVE an animal if that's the way they are going to live their lives. How can people believe this is acceptable????

    Thank goodness for RESCUE!

  10. They shouldn't even have animals if this is how they are going to treat them. What is the purpose of having them??

  11. J e s u s C h r i s t !!!! W T F is goin on in peoples minds????? I say we put THEM or their loved ones in that fucking cage. Let's see if they change their ways then! Mother fuckers!!


  13. Wer macht so etwas?Zwei kleine Hunde in einen viel zu engen Käfig sperren!Das geht gar nicht!Warum werden Leute die so etwas tun nicht bestraft!Ich würde mit ihnen das gleiche machen!!!!!!

    Deshalb ist es schön,dass es Menschen wie euch gibt,die den armen Tieren helfen!Vielen,vielen Dank dafür!Ihr seid super!!!!!??

  14. Deviam prender os antigos donos dentro daquela gaiola p aprenderem q horrível isso tadinho dos bixinhos ?? mas o bom da história é q eles estão bem obg obg obg ?

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