Real Ghosts? Top 5 Haunted Houses !

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The TOP 5 scary videos of supposedly REAL ghosts caught on camera by ghost hunters and in real life.

Real or fake? You decide. But these are some of the most creepy and scary videos of the paranormal caught on tape in haunted houses. Some seriously scary videos. Apparitions, poltergeists, and creepy haunted houses.

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  1. Before anyone calls me a skeptic,a nay sayer or an unbeliever I can guarantee you that that isn't true I 100% believe in the paranormal. But (referring to vid 1) why is it that 99% of ghost videos are caught by people that are out to catch ghost/paranormal sightings,these videos must account for 0.0001% of all video recorded (that's being generous) but account for 99.99% of all paranormal "proof" videos yet the rest of the 99.9999% of video recorded catches ZERO proof of the paranormal,admittedly I am no mathematician or statistician but this strikes me as highly odd so I DID ask a friend that is a statistician who spent 5 years at university to become one what he thought & he absolutely agreed with me & used the word that I had been thinking all along & that is bias & more importantly that is confirmation bias. Basically you go out believing in ghosts & wanting to film ghosts then chances are you're going to film "ghosts". PS these videos from Arab countries were pretty scary the first one I ever saw the mix of the nigh on total darkness in an already scary looking place & couple that with the alien language & the eerily familiar "Allahu Akbar" (god is great for the intellectually challenged amongst you,also this saying commands a VAST amount of fear in western audiences as they are the last words said by suicide bombers as they blow themselves & all the innocents around them to smithereens) but idk about you but them videos have lost all impact now as they seem to be ten a penny in the few months since the "first" one started doing the rounds. The sad fact is that nigh on every YouTube in Arab countries seem to be shitting out these vids at an alarming rate to satiate our 10 year old kids need to scare themselves,I'd put money on half them vids translating as "LMFAO I'm walking round an abandoned warehouse in the dark saying random bullshit & the occasional allahu akbar & these dumb af retarded western kids are eating this shit up & think it's real." I mean FFS the Arab logan paul made one of these videos & still the cretins eat this shit as proof lmfao.

  2. you know, it would be interesting if any of the ghost hunt teams get alaa all the way to the us. would be amazing to see some door kicking going down there

  3. The first one is a hoax notice how he never face the camera to the floor cause his wife or lil boyfriend crawling around moving shit

  4. 2:03
    You can Hear the Person that was Hiding Behind The Bathroom Door Bump the CameraMan's Arm as 'They' Crawl Under Frame. (Kind of a HighAngle to Hold a Camera When Entering a Bathroom)
    Fans on Timers that Plug into Any Wall Outlet…
    I'm Usually Not So Skeptic, but Strings on Chairs & Buddy's Hiding Under Beds…for YouTube Views.

  5. "I'm here alone" – shows all of the room except for the space right behind the door. And oh, how coincidental that all of this activity seems to be coming from the bottom of the screen just out of the camera's view.

  6. Lock up the Saudi prince in that abandoned cursed building. Also the Quran ain't gonna help you fight those high ranked evil spirits only the bible and trinity of god can do so and keep you safe.

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