Real Ghosts caught walking in video. Myrtles plantation

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Ghost footage starts at 4:04 so skip to it if you are impatient. If you watch in dark you can see it even better depending on device you are using. * For all those who do not believe our spirits do not live on after death, here is your proof! I recorded this in 2010. The full video is on my page. When I looked further at the ghost in white I saw her turban so that has to be Chloe. The man hunched over seems to be the man who was shot on the stairs. The male ghost outside who walked past may be the one who said “It’s Christmas Time” when the kids were playing.


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  1. Okay, that hunched over man seemed sick. The energy was heavy. And the light spirit was a little girl of about 9 years old. I’m hearing Ava. Does this make any sense to you? I’d love to not be scared of the unknown but welcome spirits of love and light.

  2. Ok. So, ghosts are spirits, immaterial, right? Not organic matter. Now, we see things because light reflects off of a surface back to us. Thus, ghosts are invisible. We are not seeing ghosts.

  3. I went to that place when I was 7 and saw the slave Chloe that was hanged outside of the house. I was in the main hallway downstairs and looked into the kitchen and saw what appeared to be Chloe's head. She stared at me for 5 seconds, then I turned back to the tour guide, then I turned back to see Chloe still staring at me, then turned back to the tour guide again,and then finally turning back to not see Chloe anymore. I'm 23 now and I still believe I saw a ghost.

  4. I received a negative comment this morning saying "Because you are FAKE" by someone and I am here to tell that person I do not play that on this channel. I took time out of MY BUSY WORKDAY to respond because I don't have time to make a video right now. I will delete all negative comments because I DO NOT WANT THAT ENERGY ON HERE OR IN MY LIFE. I do not do readings for that same reason. If a spirit comes to me for help then I WILL HELP THEM because they are in limbo and have good souls I do not call on spirits who are resting out of respect. ALSO as far a fake not sure what you are referring too but I am the only one on youtube that KENNEKA verbally said the alleged murderers name. I am the only one on youtube as far as I can see o ghost videos that have ACTUAL GHOSTS walking IN YOUR FACE FOR YOUR EYES TO SEE and hear them talking. For people who never saw a ghost they FINALLY SEE AND HEAR THEM AND CALL ME FAKE? Whatever I am not mad I am actually LAUGHING about this. I could not be the most realest person providing the REALEST info so I laugh because I see the % of America that has dumbed down at high rates. These dumbed down people never see with all there senses, they are angry, they lash out for no reason and they believe lies and condemn truth. I stay out of drama and I may not ever come back to youtube if this negativity continues, Thanks to all those who liked and respected my page and videos. We need to pray for negative people to receive love and light.

  5. wow ty….that was one huge dark entity walking by?I love your work and appreciate you!!!! How can people think that we don't have spirits among us, that's crazy!

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