Daylight's End

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Years after a mysterious plague has devastated the planet and turned most of humanity into blood-hungry creatures, a rogue drifter on a vengeful hunt stumbles across a band of survivors in an abandoned police station and reluctantly agrees to try to help them defend themselves and escape to the sanctuary they so desperately need.


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  1. so at 21:21 when they "weren't" going to make it that hour and a half drive would just be 75 minutes open road and a muscle car fuck yeah im haling ass…… live in amerillo Texas so i know the street to dallas texas

  2. It would have been a better movie if he had a Jeep and the actor was the Rock… coz if it smells you know the Rock is cookin some zombies and speaking about zombie= monster 34:50 reminds me of my ex the moment i put the ring on her finger.
    Still put chills down my spine, shes a real monster that even spraying her with holy water dont work.

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