Scotty's Animals Merch!!!

Scotty's Animals Merch!!!
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Los Angeles Guinea Pig Rescue volunteer, Scott has been sharing his knowledge of guinea pigs and other animals and his passion for animal rescue. He has been designing Crazy T-shirts to celebrate that love since the beginning. He designs the shirts for the Los Angeles Guinea Pig Rescue and this video Scott proudly shows off some of his latest designs.

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  1. Sparky and Thirdy the two popular students lol they both fight a lot Cookie Sparkys little brother who tries to help but is afraid of fighting cuz he's so small Sparky is much smaller than Thirdy but he's brave and fights with Thirdy I separate them each night cuz I am a deep sleeper so u know the cages are at my table which is beside my bed so once Thirdy got into their cage lol the table us big and their cage ie the side of yours that corner one so they started fighting Cookie jumped to my bed I guess he started shouting beside my ears I woke up and saw Thirdy running away and Sparky coming to me after the victory and sat beside Cookie then I kept them back after petting them a bit I petted Thirdy too and then had to lock their cage doors
    Lol remembered after listening to the name Billy the bully lol

  2. You're amazing, we love ya! I'm surprised you haven't got more subs!
    It's just gorgeous how much love you put into your animals.

  3. Can't wait to see my Billy shirt. I ordered the kiwi colour and it looks beautiful! Thanks so much Scotty! You're a great guy! Like I said in my email reply, I will show your Etsy merch and try to get you a few orders! Love to help out and support the piggies! Lol!

  4. Maybe Billy needs a piece of plexiglass where he likes to chew! I have used that with pigs who get obsessed with chewing for whatever reason and the silence is nice lol and it is good to know they aren't stressed or hurting their teeth 🙂

  5. You’re just going to have to bring Billy to the rescue so that I can hug and kiss him…I mean to find him a new friend if he can’t go back with little Tito.

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