The Pug Queen: Woman Rescues EVERY Pug She Can | The Dodo

The Pug Queen: Woman Rescues EVERY Pug She Can | The Dodo
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The Pug Queen rescues every single pug she can — and when she saw a video of a sick little pug across the world, she knew she had to have him. For more of this rescue pug family, check them out on Facebook:, and on Instagram:

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  1. Kicjed him in the neck ?!?! God bless this kind woman. How could anyone abuse a glorious pug like that. Such sweet small dogs. Omg i feellike killing whoever kicked him. Errrgh. Thanks to this wonderful Angel on eartg

  2. There should be capital punishment for people who did the kind of physical abuse that pug went through. Pet ownership shouldn't be a right, but a privilege.

  3. You are definitely a wonderful and I mean WONDERFUL WOMEN to do what you do! I am in utter shock how you go out of your way! I have 2 pugs and before that 4 more .. they’re clowns in a dogs body I tell you! I would love to help you and donate money or whatever you need help with please message me!

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