Rescue Poor Dog Escape Slaughterhouse Met A Tragic Accident Make Was Crushed Bones

Rescue Poor Dog Escape Slaughterhouse Met A Tragic Accident Make Was Crushed Bones
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Rescue Poor Dog Escape Slaughterhouse Met A Tragic Accident Make Was Crushed Bones

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After escaping dog slaughterhouse
She was very frightened, she ran out to the street and had a tragic accident
Her legs were crushed and her bones were exposed
She could only move on three legs and wandered in search of dirty food in the street
Perhaps, she was extremely painful and miserable
We tried to help her, but after a week of perseverance, we approached her
We will take this poor dog to a veterinary clinic for treatment
The doctors have operated the wound
Hope our efforts will help this prince have a happier life

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  1. It really frustrates me that a human can't stop for an animal. Is it so important to get where your going that you hurt an animal you can't even stop .If you fit this comment you don't deserve to live on this Earth with God's creatures.

  2. What did you do for that sweet baby aside from watching it suffer!!! And what kind of people are you to have dog slaughter houses in your damn country to begin with!

  3. poverino quanto soffre come si può fare certe cose così tremende! grazie di averlo curato e salvato grandi! spero che trovi anche una famiglia bellissima che gli voglia tanto bene! ciao piccolo buona vita amore grazie!!!!??❤???????

  4. I love????????????????❤❤??????????????????????????????????❤❤??you my dear angel cuteness lovely baby????????????????????????????❤❤??

  5. Honestly, THIS beautiful girl could really tell us all about the cruelty and evil of the human beings…..So scared, SO helpless and SO tremendously failed by humans. It makes me sick even thinking about what she has endured. She needs care, medical treatment and LOVE, lots and lots and lots of LOVE, to rebuild her trust and will to live………….

  6. God bless you doggie??god be with you your blissful painless happiness cuteness greatful lovely joyful life forever my dear baby angel doggie????????????????????❤❤??????????????????????????????????????????????❤❤??

  7. Something not right about animal rescue. They never post outcomes! Don’t buy or donate until they prove the dogs outcomes, all!

  8. Stop cruelty to dogs close all slaughter houses this is a backward savage society, absolutely a hell for all dogs. Not many countries that still allow their people eating dogs. Disgusting eating habit. So sad for those dogs living in those cruel countries
    They won't develop into anything if they don't have proper laws . The people who exercise their cruelty on animals just don't have insight and basic understanding. What a sad world in those backward area
    Thank you for saving this poor soul. May all the dogs in those backward area be saved. Dear Lord please stop dogs and cats being brutally killed for meat, save all the caged dog now . Encourage more and more people to rescue the poor dogs and bless all the rescuers. Thank you
    Pray in Jesus name Amen

  9. Its nice that you are trying to help this baby, but she is in so much pain, her back leg is hanging by her fur. Her leg has an open fracture. She needs to see a vet ASAP for her pain, surgery and food and IV of fluids. Please take her to a vet.

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