Big Dog Ranch Rescue team finds dog trapped in Bahamas

Big Dog Ranch Rescue team finds dog trapped in Bahamas
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A rescue team from Big Dog Ranch Rescue found a dog trapped under an air conditioner and building debris in March Harbor, Bahamas. On Friday, Oct. 4, the team rushed the dog to the ranch to receive medical treatment and nourishment. (Video provided by Big Dog Ranch Rescue)


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  1. So wonderful this doggie was saved, and so sad the one recently deceased couldn't get help in time. I am both grateful, and sad. Get well soon, and Rest in Peace.

  2. I think I heard that around 10,000 people wanted at this dog as soon as it was found I don't think do that with children to adopt

  3. what a stupid name. A miracle? wow if there was a god "which there isnt" and let this poor animal nearly starve to death in torment then have it rescued and you call it a miracle/ why let the dog suffer in first place. Im sure glad I dont kiss any gods butt that if did exist that would allow any sort of suffering and has power to stop it..

  4. Great job guys!! Thank you kindly for going out and looking through debris like that. Had you not done so that poor baby would have laid there and dies a horrible death. Breaks my heart the doggie was there for 3 weeks like that all by herself. Ughhhh God speed recovery to all uprooted by this disaster. I can't even begin to imagine what you all must be going through. Please be safe out there and God bless you all!

  5. Poor baby. Thank you for being so kind. You have a loyal friend for life. No food no water for three weeks. Amazing that he survived. God bless all those that had contributed in rescuing that helpless dog.

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