Animal Rights Activists Face 70 Years in Prison for Rescuing Piglets | NowThis

Animal Rights Activists Face 70 Years in Prison for Rescuing Piglets | NowThis
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‘They called me a terrorist.’ — Animal rights activist Wayne Hsiung and his colleagues faces up to 70 years in prison after rescuing piglets from horrific abuses in the nation’s largest pig farm.
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In US news and current events today, Wayne Hsiung and others from Direct Action Everywhere are facing FBI charges and 70 years in prison for rescuing two piglets from factory farming giant Smithfield Foods. The group that fights for animal welfare and against animal cruelty is being labeled domestic terrorism actors. As Hsiung described in this NowThis News video Big Agricultures was a major donor to the Trump campaign and uses its political influence to continue factory farming pigs and other animals.

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  1. I really hope the judge and the jury have any common sense and don’t send him to prison, they should also bring up how killing an unarmed person at its own home gives you 10 years, when you should be punished with LIFE IN PRISON, but trying to tell the truth and open people’s eyes send you to prison your whole life smhhhhh

  2. I have this to say…
    Whether these people get their 70 years or not, they are undoubtly not just American heroes but global ones. Their actions are pointing HOW the crazy amount of corruption in our societies affects the rest of us all. The well being of all Earthlings is at risk. Also, I'm glad they're considered "terrorist" because big corporations should be scared of the PEACEFUL PROTESTS that are going to continue to come their way. Peace and love to all and be safe out there

  3. So, you trespassed, stole and had no remorse for those actions because you wanted to do the “right thing”. You did all the wrong things. You’re not Robin Hood. You have to effect change by changing people’s minds not acting like you’re Batman out to save the piglets. Plus, I really love bacon. ?

  4. Wow. How is this illegal? Shouldn't this considered part of our right of freedom of speech? If getting lifetime prison time sentences for trying to report and save abused animals, are we really living in the land of the free? What a shame.

  5. America has been a chaos since Donald Trump happened. I wish the 2 term rule was removed and Obama could take place as the President again.

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