China bridge collapse caught on camera – no comment

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Dozens of visitors fell into the water in China’s Jiangxi Province after a foot bridge at a scenic spot collapsed on Sunday morning, local authorities said. Surveillance video in the park recorded the chaotic scenes.

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  1. the trusses of a bridge with such a span could have been designed better…perhaps add another inverted but similar set of trusses on top of the one shown here

  2. Chinee bridge ? builders good job……..Chinee pedestrians too phatt.

    The bridge was made to be used single file, and out off step……… The other bridge in the distance is still good, not need for investigations or shutdowns.

    Wanton soup ? anybody?????????

  3. Just to make their city look developed and beautiful ..Our Chinesse politician and engineers are taking the easiest and quickest if not cheapest engineering to finish their work at the earliest …
    Don't make others
    See Chinesse as cheap country
    Indeed it is hahahanaa

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