Unbelievable Animals SAVING Other Animals!

Unbelievable Animals SAVING Other Animals!
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Check out these Unbelievable Animals SAVING Other Animals! From heroic animals saving other species to animals helping eachother, this top 10 list of animal rescues will amaze you!

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  1. My chow lab mix saved me from a wild cat attack. Walked outside to smoke at 3am. Quickly opened back door stepped outside to a stare down with wild cat. I was speechless and thought I was dreaming. My lab/chow mix gave a loud scary growl & lunged at the wild cat, scaring him so he jumped the fence. When the cat jumped I realized how truly lucky I was. The cat was as tall if not taller than me as he stood on hind legs to grab the top of fence with his left paw. I still own this chow/lab mix today and I treat her like a queen. So blessed to have this animal.

  2. Great video ty i saw an amazing video about a crow and kitten the bird fed it with worms and other scraps played and protected it mother nature is awesome.

  3. And this is why I LOVE this channel. This video had me smiling from beginning to end. Especially the end. Karma is a mean character when pushed the wrong way!

  4. It's nice to see this can happen sometimes just like when animals help humans :). The Humpback one reminded me of when the Scuba Diver I think it was? Or a swimmer was helped by a humpback from sharks or something.

  5. So glad you toned down your voice, just couldn't stand the high pitched fake one you were using. Like show but quit watching because of the voice, four months. Hope you keep the better, realistic voice.

  6. One day when when my mom took out my dogs to go to the bathroom my mom heard my dogs barking at a tree. She went and looked and behind the tree there were two baby kittens and no mom. It was 115 degrees out that day and if my dogs hadn't found the kittens they probably would have died. My dogs saved the kittens! We kept them. Their names are Pip and Ollie.

  7. I am addicted to this channel! I learn so much and see things I have never seen before. This video was also amazing and I would love to see more like it!

  8. i love youre Beautiful voice and charming personality, Always a joy watching things like this where you are showing these videos, this clip was truly Amazing and loved it a lot

  9. Awesome when I see animals saving other animals from danger. When my grandfather was young, he was saved by two killing whales from while sharks. He hang on one of the killing whales till reached the shore safety.

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