Rescue Families Of 4 Homeless Dogs To Live in Grotto |Animal Rescue TV

Rescue Families Of 4 Homeless Dogs To Live in Grotto |Animal Rescue TV
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  1. Is this Mike Brown connected to animal rescue if it is don't donate to Animal Rescue Nor Mike Brown until he proves who is they don't take care of the animals there scums scam money from you do nothing to help the

  2. Hay que pensar que si son unos perritos abandonados y su mamá le da su leche materna no tan bruscamente puedes cambiar su leche de estos bebés por cualquier cosa, puedes provocar dolor en su estómago lo mejor es llevarlo siempre con un veterinario!???

  3. These poor babies what kind of world do wee live that people just ignore the animals that are in distress that's one thing I could never do if I could not help them I would fone ah vet or shelter and stay with them till hp arrived people seem to thing its the okay to abuse animals and throw them away like trash but thankyou for helping these poor babies god bless and I hope they will find forever homes ?????????????????

  4. Qui gesto mais lindo,DEUS sempre colica anjos para salva-los,gratidão muita gratidão namastê à vocês que o salvaram DEUS os abençoe infinitamente gratidão ??❤

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