The Arrival

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Radio astronomer Zane Zaminsky (Charlie Sheen) believes he’s picked up a cosmic noise that signals extraterrestrial intelligence. His desperate search for answers leads him to Mexico and a mysterious power plant|where is arrested for the murder of a scientist. Zane must escape with his proof of the world-shattering alien invasion in this intense sci-fi thriller.


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  1. Omg that annoying ass kid! I knew he had no purpose in this movie other than to somehow fuck him over in the end, so obvious since his character otherwise had no reason to be in the movie! & the bathtub scene? Get real! & the orb that creates a vortex that's conveniently only confined to the room it's in & sucks everything in the room into itself! & the scorpions on the ceiling fan! & the end when the "landscaper" drops in & tries to kill him with a scythe, of all things, & he doesn't notice the ball of spinning light until it's fully opened, & the this time the vortex it creates isn't confined to just the items in the room but the entire building, yet left the satellite alone…I can't even process how many stupidities are in this movie. No wonder this wasn't very well-known, definitely not on the list of memorable 90's movies, even for Charlie Sheen, lol. WOW, incredibly lame, 2 hours of my life I'll never get back, smh. Don't waste your time, FR

  2. Such complications but the fact that someone thinks that we can't take care of our own world is a for showing that they themselves destroyed there own world . We all know that the government has been infiltrated. Nursing homes and infants . Money and power . Power lives within. And I don't need DNA manipulation to change . I use all of my 12 I n.v time.

  3. this is a lot better than i thought it was gonna be. sucks how it assumes all governments are corrupt. which i agree
    much better reason to be together than hitting ona drunk girl at a bar

  4. do the math behind the voyager. no way in hell are we getting signals from a 40 yr old battery pack and probably died one month after if left. if it was even real. nothing but cgi of that pos
    and also. no compass points to the south pole. none. they all point to the north pole. so please tell me how you know the south pole location when its never be crossed

  5. never ask your gf why they are with you. let them be with you and keep it a secret. it is never what you WANT to hear or have it be. lol

  6. I remember my dad wearing the VHS tapes of this movie out back in the day. He loved anything science fiction, and he loved anything to do with radio transmissions even more. He'd run his base station CB radio all the time. When I was a baby he even built a 60 foot antenna tower (that's as high as the FAA would let him go with it) with a 40 foot webbed boom on the top. He actually managed to reach from Virginia to Mexico with it. That tech needs to make a come back when the govt takes over everything.

  7. Little bit corny, but so worth the watch. Watch it in entirety or don’t watch at all. The ending is the best part. And ironically even more relevant today.

  8. This is probably one of them occultic weird movies….TELLING u truth in plain sight, cern, Allisterr Crowley lesser magic witch craft deals…..too weird.. There was something hidden in this movie if not it was a horrible movie

  9. Hmmm…ham actor Sheen is victim again ! MAN-MADE WARMING AND CLIMATE CHANGE ARE A BIG DAMNED HOAX ! read about this   It's a solar cycle, in 1735AD temps went up too ! CO2 is NOT affecting the HUGE WORLD whether…faked, junk science !

  10. Guys this shit is loud and clear there's aliens in human shape body ruling the world and brainwashing us to not pay any mind to this when its already happening pollution, climate change when it's our fault tbh for letting this happen by doing NOTHING by letting them get in our head about materialistic thing ex;new iPhones , the new bad ass cars, makeup, NFL, agendas all over the world creepy how nobody sees the big picture famous people being clone literally Dave Chappelle look at the new nigga dont look nothing like the old Dave Chappelle there's evidence put the mf puzzle together they want us to destroy our planet so they can have an excuse to ship humans into space why do yall think NASA trying to see if there's another planet to live off n adapt to ? I swear jesus your god would be disappointed for not opening y'all mind to something that could be possible to ruin our race we shouldn't be at war or against each other we could be so much more if extrem technology its expanding we are constantly facing down our phone on social media instead of actually socializing and discussing or trying to prove to other people this is not okay we are lost bc of it like look at the president we have Donald Trump how should he be above us ? How come every president hasn't changed anything and kept this agenda going and growing lmao like this dude is a joke ? he dont give a fuck about none of us we are humans nothing has change the climate keeps changing fast, and more cars are being made, more plastic is being wasted, animals are dying, fishes are being killed with polluted water, the air is getting worse, more viruses will be spread we are working for bad companies gas is being constantly used more people are having kids stop having kids that's why we have trouble controlling our actions and people killing each other we are cutting more trees we are destroying our home planet it's sad to say . How will we have a lasting future if its constantly being mistreated and ignored ? We might not ever have an earth bc of this what If humans go extinct just like dinosaurs just soon to be gorillas rhinoceros these animals are special and people are paying millions or thousands of dollars to kill these animal for what ? To hang them on the wall like I said materialistic, people are losing their mind out here living in the idea of doing this and that and making it seem like it's okay it shows less of human beings you are that's why ppl go through depression bc you get caught up in the agenda to not see clear what's going on in real life everyone is getting distracted. The news for sure isn't going to expose real shit only news to scare you or about how popeyes chicken is "better then chick fil a" wtf who gives a fuck lmao I can buy a chicken have that chicken make babies kill the chicken when the babies are no longer babies make me home made best organic spiced chicken tf ! No chemicals or steroids in my food because jesus created a blessing !! Amen please read the bible read what's going on for real it's not fair these people that control everything get to act like were the problems when they gave us all this shit and now they want us to go against our people all race it's not right we all have a heart and we deserve to listen to out instincts our good not the bad bc that's the devil speaking . So please do your research before commenting on my my comment I can speak my mind freely dont try to bash me with comments like "Amercans' no negative statements nothing is funny . Jesus always give us a chance for a reason we are here for a reason not to sit back and let god guide your path it's not magic dont wait for opportunities or chances you need to take control stop letting others control us tbh bc I also get caught up with bs i can go on but my fingers are honestly tired . Yall can figure the rest.

  11. This is what lead Charlie sheen to a wild cocaine and sex with young hot pornstar addiction cus they destroyed his tape

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