The Best (As in Worst) Surfing Wipeouts of 2016

The Best (As in Worst) Surfing Wipeouts of 2016
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Wipeouts never get old. Performance surfing grows by leaps and bounds every year, but eating shit has essentially remained the same for decades. But we never, ever tire of watching it and hearing the stories behind it. Because, and here’s the thing: surfers are generally horrible when it comes to talking about their own surfing. But they are amazing when recounting almost dying. Not sure why, but it’s true.

Greatest Wipeouts is a Surfline original series showcasing death-defying surfing wipeouts, near-death experiences and heaviest waves of all time.


Check out all the videos in the Greatest Wipeouts series here:

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  1. Surfers all have a vibe of awareness; It's built into them from years of oceanic discipline. Can see it in their eyes and if you don't, they probably don't really surf.

  2. They didn't have those CO2 canisters back in the beginning of the big wave El Nino era. I took at bad wipe out way back when a huge south swell from a hurricane out of Baja hit San Clemente. In retrospect, it could have been a two wave hold down cause I was held under well beyond my capacity to hold my breath. The force of the impact knocked the wind out of me and it felt like I was spinning forever. To this day, it's hard to fathom why I didn't drown.

  3. “I went for a nice long swim” reminded me of the time I fell off a boat and they didn’t notice so I had to swim after it bc the shore was to far away

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