10 American Football Players Who Died While on the Field!! (COLLEGE LEVEL AND UP)

10 American Football Players Who Died While on the Field!! (COLLEGE LEVEL AND UP)
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  1. Jack Trice former Iowa State player who died after a game from injuries suffered during the game from dirty players from Minnesota. Jack Trice was black and it didn't go over to well with Minnesota players at the time. Jack Trice stadium where Iowa State plays in of course Named in his honer

  2. My grandfather died when he was 43 I was 7 I went to use the bathroom when I heard screaming so I ran in his room to see everyone crowded around his body I will never for get the smile on his face and the last words he said “I love you all” he had cancer but didn’t tell us because he figured we wouldn’t look at him the same

  3. My cousin died playing flag football because of an asthma attack.He was only 8 years old.He loved playing flag football and loved being with his family and with his friends.
    R.I.P Ricardo

  4. Is it me or does it happen to be a "coincidence" that the two African American players that died playing the Houston Oilers in the '60s from "severe'' forced hits… seem a bit skittish to anyone??? I mean…Its the south (Texas at that) and desegregation was not taken so lightly…and the 60's was a tough decade… But I'm just saying…TX wasnt "right" at the time..sooooooooo…maybe they were hit this way on purpose….just saying…

  5. My best friend collapsed on the basketball court and they said he had a tumor in his heart he was 12 and died last year….His name is Karl Soliman if u want to u can look him up and see all the good things he’s done for my small town I miss him so much

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