Dota 2 – Fails of the Week – Ep. 5 by hexOr

Dota 2 - Fails of the Week - Ep. 5 by hexOr
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I am very proud to present you Episode 5 of my “Fails of the Week” !

This time I think the scenes are much better and with new music AND without ANY slowmo!! 🙂 I hope you guys ENJOY it ! 🙂

If you people like this sort of videos I will continue uploading those funny scenes and also try to update them weekly (submit your fails to keep the series going)!

I really hope you enjoy those scenes as much as I do!

I just recently added a new button called “Submit Your Replays” in my headbanner, please use that button to send me your replays!

I will appreciate it a lot if you also take a look at my other social media pages – especially if you follow, like and favourite my stuff!



Music Supplied by Monstercat Media:

Artist Name: [Hard Dance] : Matduke ft. Metzen – Shivers [Monstercat Release]

Video Link:

Thanks to the people who have submitted the fails for this episode: holychayos, ggYedi, Ruben Yasquez, MaximB13, IWiN4Austria

PS: If you have funny & fail scenes, feel free to submit them to me by using the submit button!!! If you can’t find it go here:

Thanks a lot and stay tuned, hexOr
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