Donating to an Animal Rescue | DECLUTTER & DONATE | Dog Toy Edition

Donating to an Animal Rescue | DECLUTTER & DONATE | Dog Toy Edition
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Hi friends! ❤
This video was filmed back in February, and due to some VERY annoying technical difficulties, I’ve been unable to get it edited and uploaded for y’all until now! But HERE IT IS!!

I encourage all of you to look into ways that you can help out your local animal rescues/shelters. Many rely entirely on donations from the public, so anything helps! ❤

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  1. I just want to say that I'm 26 yrs old and I have just started my first semester of vet tech at my local community college and your channel was a huge help in my decision to change careers and go back to school. Thank you!

  2. Oh trust me I had the same problem with my dog but every month when I got the bark box subscription all the other toys I donated , I do the same thing with my cats and my birds toys! Also your dogs are so so cute!!!

  3. Haha my dog’s head just perked up right away at the sound of the squeaky toy. Also I really love that blanket on the couch. Where did you get it from? I also really want your “dog mom” shirt. Where can I also get that? lol & oh my goodness! I have that squeaker bear toy with the blue patches that I see in the background. My dog loves that toy!

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