Neglected Shih Tzu Puppy

Neglected Shih Tzu Puppy
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This is Max. Him, his brother, and his sister were rescued from a “puppy mill” and were in bad condition. His sister died the night before I got the 2 boys. His brother died a few hours after I first saw them. Besides being dehydrated and malnourished, Max was anemic, had sarcoptic mange, had a terrible corneal ulcer in his right eye, had an umbilical hernia, and scabs all over his body. He had a long road to recovery, but he did it!

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  1. Anyone that treats animals poorly can treat humans the same.. they should be accountable for their behavior no different than hurting a human.. ughh how can anyone be cruel to these cute babies.. Judy’s blows my mind.. all they want is to be loved and cared for.. that’s what God created them for.. to keep us company to make us happy to give us love bcuz that’s all they do.. ?

  2. Oh gee thanks YouTube!
    Had to put my Shih tzu down a week ago and it decides to put this on my recommended, didn’t need to see that poor puppy in the beginning.
    I’m really glad the 2nd puppy pulled through ♡

  3. It was obvious you should have checked that dogs blood sugar and put him and supportive care rather than bring him home and try to feed him Its obvious he couldn’t hold his head up Obvious miss by you !!!

  4. This breaks my heart as I'm a fur momma of 2 shih-tzu's. I want an end to these puppy mills as it does more damage than good. Thank you for bringing awareness to this subject. And thank you for saving those puppies.

  5. This sort of thing is why people need to look into where their puppies are coming from, ideally people shouldn't buy puppies ever. The puppy mill problem is wide spread and more deceptive that people would think – they go as far as to set up fake homes to view the puppies in. Don't shop, adopt. Don't be part of the problem, don't fund the people who do things like this to these animals.

    Thank you vet ranch for saving little Max, it's a shame the others were beyond help

  6. What a credit to you. Shih Tzu are. my favourite breed. I have had two. My daughter took one to breed from. They are so adorable if a little difficult to house train.
    How can anyone be that cruel . I don’t think I have ever seen puppy’s in such bad shape. So pleased after all your effort one made it through and what a lovely pet it will be.

  7. I'm not sure why you would bring puppies that are ill and you now know have a form of mange contageous to humans around a child and also not wear gloves when handling them in your home..

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