Rescue Poor Chihuahua Being Run Over By Car

Rescue Poor Chihuahua Being Run Over By Car
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  1. Excusez moi, mais je n'arriverai jamais à comprendre pourquoi on installe un animal déjà en mauvaise posture couché sur la grille du fond de la cage ??????????????????????????Mais bon sang, c'est pas compliqué de lui mettre une couverture bien confortable…

  2. I appreciate the fact that these people are trying to help this poor dog, but it really needs something soft and cuddly to lay on. And if the dog can't control its bowels right now, at least put some disposable pads on top if its bedding to help make it as comfortable as possible. I wonder if these people would like to be in the same situation only to have their doctors throw them on a cold floor.

  3. Thank you for saving him. He's a very good eater. Her has a strong spirit. Blessings and best wishes to the dog and all the people who have come together to save a sweet dog?

  4. My grandparents had rescued a little dog that was run over by a car on the street the dog was a boy named corgi i think corgi would not have survived if my grandparents had not saved him corgi I think is a terrrier I don’t which type

  5. Warum müssen die armen Tiere auf solchen schrecklichen harten Gittern liegen, macht ihn doch ein bequemes Kissen in die schrecklichen Boxen, so etwas geht gar nicht ?

  6. Pauvre amour . Merci de l'avoir secouru ??
    En revanche, pourriez vous mettre des sous titres en anglais car je ne comprends rien du tout ?

  7. For goodness sake put some blankets on the bottom of the crate for him!!!!! Arghhhhhh what is wrong with you people. Think of their comfort when they so poorly, and cuddle them please!!!!!!!

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