Puppy Found In A Trash Bin With Full Of Pus In Her Back

Puppy Found In A Trash Bin With Full Of Pus In Her Back
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  1. Thank you for adding your own captioning at the bottom. So many foreign creators forget to add caption options on their videos and though I can understand a portion, it is so much easier to have the interpretation down at the bottom to read and follow along as to what is happening. So grateful people care around the world trying to help these abused animals may they find joy thru you & in your reaching out you will find it also. Thank you.

    Amazing to see the culture is changing towards heavy feel about animals. Like my best friend said her father grew up eating the dogs and now he won't let anybody touch a hair on his dog's body. Just like cats were eaten in England right up into the 1900's.The world changes.

  2. The little doggy needs to be lanced and the pus run out learn how to do it Lance and run the pus out and give him antibiotics and Iv give us an update on it please at least do that unless the dog died and you can tell us that did give us any kind of information on the dog please

  3. So very very sad that a little innocent is treated so badly. Thank you for helping her but please let us know how she is , ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Poor puppy so bloated and sick by the look in his eyes. He needs to be seen by the vet. May the good people help you, puppy. I pray for you get better.

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