My Near-Death Experience

My Near-Death Experience
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  1. Here is information that I have collected on psychic mediums, astral projection and near death (out of body) experiences, aliens/extraterrestrials, and other spiritual information; Save, edit and share this information:

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    Book One is to contain basic truths, primary understandings, and address essential personal matters and issues.

    Book Two is to contain more far-reaching truths, grander understandings, and address global matters and issues.

    Book Three is to contain the largest truths you are now capable of understanding, and address universal matters and issues—matters being dealt with by all the beings of the universe.

    Book 4:

    God's 3 Basic Wisdoms [From Book 3 above]

    1. We Are All One.

    2. There's Enough.

    3. There's Nothing We Have To Do.

    If you decided that "we are all one," you would cease treating each other the way you do.

    If you decided that "there's enough," you would share everything with everyone.

    If you decided that "there's nothing we have to do," you would stop trying to use "doingness" to solve your problems, but rather, move to, and come from, a state of being which would cause your experience of those "problems" to disappear, and the conditions themselves to thus evaporate.

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  3. She's so determined.. I feel for her. It's costly, but she wants that motherly bond.
    I used to think about what it would be like to have kids.. Im 26 now and I've changed how I feel about it.

    At the moment, I'm fine with not having a child. God willing, in the future, I might want and have just one child. I'd be open to adoption too.
    I tend to think, in what ways might I be burdening a child by birthing him or her? What will the future be like? Economy, environment, climate change.. idk, I worry about those kinds of things. ?

  4. I don't understand these liberal types who talk about compassion for kids of illegal aliens, yet don't have enough integrity to go adopt one of them. Instead they spend 1000s of dollars to go through medical procedures to have a baby. So much compassion.

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