You Won't Believe This DOG Saves This BABY!

You Won't Believe This DOG Saves This BABY!
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10 Amazing Dogs Who Saved Their Owners
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Back in ancient times the first cavemen befriended wolves, which was the start of a beautiful relationship. The relationship only grew closer since then, and now modern dogs are considered “man’s best friend.”

If you didn’t believe it already you should just take a look at a few of the cases in which dogs have helped humans face impossible odds. Even more heartwarming are the following 10 real life stories where dogs saved babies and children. From the dog who saved a baby in the jungle to the hero who sacrificed himself to save a baby from a house fire.

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  1. When my brother was working the drive thru at our local McDonalds years ago, a woman who had pulled up to order was suddenly thrown out of her car by a carjacker. But that carjacker soon found out the hard way, that he'd made a horrible decision. Not only was the LAPD two cars behind, but the rottweiler sitting on the passenger seat wasn't too happy with that man, after what had just done to his owner. After the officers nabbed the guy, and my brother and his coworkers had a good laugh, the woman and the officers were given their orders on the house and the dog was given some free patties as well.

  2. What a shame
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    You owe your loyal viewers more than you are giving.

  3. You are right i should have prepared tissue that dog was a true hero and that dog reminds of my dog dark he passed away 3 weeks ago 1like=1prayer for the dog that died in the fire

  4. Wolves are jealous that dogs started sucking up to human beans first!
    Wolf: can i come in?
    Human Bean: bad big dog! Stay outside!
    Wolf: but it's cold! Please! (Does puppy eyes!)
    Dog: ha! Losers!
    No hate, please, I love love love dogs!

  5. My cousin Antonio only when he was one years old was playing in the back yard with his sibling Lucy and Dominic in North Carolina and a copper head was near him luckily there dog Maggie was there when the snake went for anto Maggie jumping in front of him to save him go most hurt ? anto was still bit but not as bad as he would’ve if she hadn’t Ben there Maggie was only a couple years old she is a good dog ?

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