World's Worst High Rise Disasters | Inviting Disasters | Engineering Disasters Documentary

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World’s Worst High Rise Disasters | Inviting Disasters | Engineering Disasters Documentary.
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Based on the popular book, this episode explores historical building collapses–from ancient pyramids to the Cathedral at Beauvais to Kansas City’s Hyatt Regency–and demonstrates that clear warning signs often existed, but were ignored. We also examine the collapse of the Twin Towers in New York. Author Jim Chiles believes that designers and engineers must better prepare for all potential disasters–by understanding existing risks, they can prepare for the unknown, like terrorism.
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Thanks for watching “World’s Worst High Rise Disasters | Inviting Disasters | Engineering Disasters Documentary” .


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  1. you can tell this is an american bullshit story.. the aztec and myans structures have survived for over 15,000 years.. but that would conflict with the bible and western history books..this says nothing of the b-25 that flew into the empire state building in 1945….i've made my own fishing lures for almost 40 years and paper burning will not melt aluminum..

  2. although the Twin Tower event of 9/11 was disastrous, I wouldn't exactly classify it as an engineering disaster as no one could blame the engineers for failing to expect a Madman to crash an airliner into a skyscraper deliberately.

  3. Plenty of misinformation and propaganda in this video. Two aluminium airplanes are not capable of turning three steel and concrete framed skyscrapers (where most of the jet fuel was burnt in the initial impact) into dust and molten metal. Anyone who believes otherwise is an absolute idiot.

  4. It is not OK for us to accept that the twin towers were brought down by poor engineering. Ask a structural engineer about the implications of this lie.

  5. they had to make 1 third of the documentary all about the dam WTC event . every other desaster had about 3 minutes of documentary at the most but they managed to make those two piles of S..T that are allways in the plein view over anything else the center of attention of this documentary to . when will america stop seeing themselve as the martyre of the planet at the same time as the kings of it

  6. Stop the video at 33:31. Does anyone else find it strange that the plane that hit the tower in this shot is all grey? No "United" or "United Airlines" on the side like there are on all United flights. And there is no globe painted on the tail. Come on people, the next time that you fly a plane into a building from a particular airline, at least make the effort to paint the plane like it was really from that airline company…

  7. I will go to my grave believing something else besides the planes helped bring those buildings down none of this explains why building 5 collapsed

  8. 35:40 "We may never know the exact architecture of the collapse". what a bunch of crap. Office fires, even acres of them DO NOT burn hot enough to "soften" steel. Nor does "softened" steel offer almost no resistance while collapsing. It was an alright show til that point…

  9. Apparently if you don't buy the bullshit fucking narrative of 9-11 you're a conspiracy theorist. Ahhh wrong….it means you can tell reality from falicy. It really stuns me to see how many people believe what they heard and saw on CNN and fox news that day and that's the only tale they know they don't want to hear the experts tear apart the story that makes no sense, and in many ways the anomalies are so blatant! How dumb and blind can one be? To believe a 100 ton jet crashed in shanksville, another hit the pentagon and what you see hit the twin towers?!?! Both those "planes" impacted and melted into those steel and concrete buildings like a hot knife through butter, both the same exact way, not slowing down, no part of the aircraft breaking off??!! Absolute bullshit. And if you actually truly believe a plane that size doesn't leave debris, and I'm not talking about iddy bitty pieces like the feds planted on the pristine pentagon lawn, I mean tail and wings, seats luggage bodies and most important, the 3 ton indestructible titanium engines. That shit doesn't just evaporate..c'mon. Your head has to be buried in your ass not to see the obvious, plus most of this is basic high school physics and not even possible.

  10. I can't even enjoy this because I'm sure the comments section is nothing but a barn yard full of sheep with their heads down eating the grass that the one in front of them pissed and shit on.

  11. I'm not an expert on recording videos but it seems as if the TV contrast was way out of adjustment when this was recorded. The visual effect is very irritating to the eyes.

  12. i remember when I was young and stupid and believed whatever the govermment and the media said. World Trade Center #7??? Just "pull it."

  13. A 757 on a transcontinental flight with 54 passengers on a plane that carries 300? Airlines dont stay in business unless the plane are full to capacity. None of the 4 alleged flights were not near full to capacity! 74 on one 90 on another and 69 on planes that carry near 300 passengers. No way to run an airline. Ask the employees at SFO and LAX that day. There were no family or friends demanding information about the 4 flights.Employees said it was quiet! No riled up mobs of people wanting answers. No one there at the plane's supposed destinations. I couldn't stand any more media fairy tales FUCK you Modern Marvels . You can only convince the dumb ones. Iv'e lost all respect for you.

  14. Too bad Modern Marvels had to sell out to the FUCKING LIE.It's the lesson of a lifetime to see how the American Public are not willing to see the obvious. It takes explosives to bring down a steel framed building at free fall speed in it's own foot print. The top floors couldn't crush the remaining structure straight to the grown. The Demolition experts have been scamming us! you dont need all the explosives, you only have to have a few isolated oxygen starved fires to get the whole building to lay down perfectly in it's own base.

  15. I still haven't been shown a steel frame high rise building completely collapse to the ground due to FIRE, oh that's right only on 9/11/01 !!!P.S. read the NIST report they are the better liars of the two, TOTAL PROPAGANDA BULLSHIT !!!!!!!!!

  16. I want some answers to all the money spent on radar and stealth when the US can not get a single jet to even find the hijacked passenger airlines that turned a transponder off ! They were counting on radio communication from other pilots flying with visual sighting ?
    The Pentagon has its own air defense and radar that did nothing and even their countless security cameras were not functioning. That is upsetting.

  17. All the dumbass Millennials commenting who believe in conspiracy theories. But I guess I shouldn't be surprised, they believe EVERYTHING they see on the internet and think "Slenderman" is real. They also eat Tide pods and don't know what gender they are, when everyone has has known that since they were toilet trained as toddlers. The Skinny Jeans Generation is the most idiotic, air-headed population to ever walk the planet. Things would be much better if they had just cut their wrists a little deeper back when they were all emo kids in the mid-2000's.

  18. Even if all the conspiracy theories are proved incorrect, your government is still to blame. Because it is your govt which created the Frankenstein Al' Qaeda in the first place. What goes around comes around……..we all know that. The real tragedy lies in the fact that innocent people got caught up in this game of power play.

  19. The WTC coverage here — a load of crap. Those buildings went down from a previously planted controlled demolition. Nothing else resembles this method of demolishing a building.

    "So you don't think presidents and senators have people killed as they go about their business? Who's being naive now, Kate?" (Michael Corleone)

  20. If you think about it they were the WORLD. TRADE. CENTERS., of course they would be a target. Yes any skyscraper is a potential site for accident in inclement weather, but for a deliberate attack, no. They were, yes on US (aka enemy territory) soil, but also WORLD trade centers.

  21. No worries, most tallbuildings aren’t imploded like the World Trade Center. Sadly the owner and others knew they were gonna take those buildings down, but they didn’t bother to care about the people in them

  22. WHAT? a steel bomber hit the empire state and just made a hole.. but a modern aluminium plain brings down a whole building ..please explain??

  23. Man some tin-foil community must of got really upset and sent all its members out to make sure to storm this video with comments. It's hilarious to read.

  24. The vaporized kerosene fire ball would last less than a minute – not enough time to heat steel beams hot enough to weaken them. Residual fires feeding on office materials do not burn anywhere hot enough to weaken, let alone melt steel. The structural damage due to impact of the airliner did not cause collapse (otherwise they would have collapsed seconds after being struck). That leaves some diabolical narcissist to make sure the buildings came down. These same individuals were also responsible for the collapse of 52 story tall building 7 which was not hit by any aircraft that day.
    The lesson to be learned from 9/11 is that if the American people don't wake up and prosecute the pathological individuals ruling us and remove them, we will loose all our freedoms and become their slaves.

  25. I have a good idea , instead of designing buildings to handle 9/11 scale disasters and better escape plans . just fucken declare all of islam the enemy of humanity and every muslim a criminal and and enemy , real simple plan , basic sensible stuff

  26. Pure conspiracy at its worst , the towers were hit by planes the fell no controlled explosion what fucken rubbish , no clue to how much effort is involved in demoing a building , how many holes need to be drilled , a spider web of wiring to connect it all , hundreds of workers to install explosives , and not one person ever noticed lol ha absolute fucken rubbish

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