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  1. Jiminy cricket’s! ? I know that feeling. About three months ago, I went to bed under light was off ceiling fan light off but fan running on high. I started to read a download book. Mystery book, no one around. Daughter at work husband in his room then as the book was getting tense I was reading faster bc it was a good book, the the lights in my room turned on! ? I look around my room nothing. So turned light off, just crawled in bed got comfortable and that light and bed side lamp turned on I screamed for my husband I grabbed my 9 mm, he had his pistol in hand asked I was ok, I said no two times ceiling fan light came on the second was my lamp by my bed. I have MANY crazy things happen in my life that no one would believe unless they were with me all the time

  2. love watching you Nick!!! you always look good and happy most of the time! Stay strong and so proud of you not letting all dumb shit get to you!! Stay focused and keep positive!

  3. Nick I get the vibe that it's not your home it's something attached to you. I also do believe it's you grandma trying to communicate with you. Call me crazy but its nothing to scare you I feel it's more like to let you know she is watching over you at all times. So darling don't worry or feel afraid, you have someone with great positive and strong vibes watching over you.

  4. Nick maybe it's your grandma letting you know she is with you. It happened when you said you are really happy. My alarm clock goes off at random times and it's never set and I never even use it but I think it's my dad letting me know he is watching over us.

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