Ghost Caught On Tape. Poltergeist Activity Caught On Video camera.

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Ghost caught on tape. This poltergeist activity is more intense than anything I’ve caught for quite a while. Looking at the footage on tape, it seems the activity resumed some time after the tape ran out and before I came home judging by the additional mess I found in my kitchen when I returned home that isn’t shown in the video. I don’t know if ghosts are real, or if this is the result of some natural phenomenon – mellowb1rd


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  1. lol this video is awesome!
    The ghost must really be angry XD
    maybe it got a demoted in ghost work for not fucking up enough shit so decided to blow off some steam XD

  2. Only problem is that they were never able to give one single explanation, how it was faked! So easy to say fake. Explaining or replicating it seems to be much harder…

  3. Actually he replicates the movement of the objects using this method.
    Also I'm a animator and video editor and it's pretty easy to create a mask around objects all you need is time and experience which is what this individual has.
    We can go for days and I will continue to repeat the evidence perceived and derived from the experiment until an individual say yourself can procure better results, which once again hasn't happened.

  4. I've seen it done this way.
    The video can be replicated using these methods.
    My question is are you a professional debunker because you have not told me how it is "really" done so we can scratch that and all we have is that you believe that this video is clear evidence of poltergeist activity in that case I can refer you to the video which as I said replicates this video throw in a couple novelties bought at a magic store.
    I think that you are not ready to say who is ready to do their debunking.

  5. Actually if you type poltergeist then fake or debunked it tells you how to do it. It's actually more simpler than I first anticipated. Also I saw in the 90's a show where they had all the drawers and cupboards slamming open and closed rapidly like 4 times a second. THAT WAS INTENSE. and without using sony vegas to crop out the strings that are on hooks on the ceiling to make knives hit the ceiling. I can spend more time and debunk the whole thing bit by bit but I'm going to needalot ofcigarettes

  6. The oven is mechanical the cupboards can be opened from someone inside or pulled from out by fishing line. The utensils and containers can be explained by a burst of air from a air pump.
    Very good forgery I've seen more intense ones though.

  7. One day I picked up my husbands clothes off the bed and threw them on the floor because they were dirty after he got home from work and took a shower. About a half hour later, I went back up stairs to get them and do a load of laundry. No one was upstairs because he and my daughter were in the living room watching a movie the whole time. I went to fetch them and I couldn't believe they were back on the bed EXACTLY how they'd been before I threw them on the floor. I was pissed and rebuked satan.

  8. actually poltergeist are very unpredictable because if they hate something in the house… find it out. if they hate how you live because it maybe unmistakably as an accidental disrespectful gesture that you may be giving it! in that case move out! or its attached to some thing and they want it with there burial, but you never know.

  9. until u live in a real haunted house, start posting real videos… anyone with real common sense woulda moved out by now or had cleansing,NO ONE would stay in a house with a VIOLENT entity, or an entity who is strong enough to toss thinks around like its nothing

  10. Do you have someone that has passed in your family that was very messy? or maybe who lived there before? i would get tired of cleaning up the mess i would have to call someone for help! you could still make money post those videos !

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