5 Most Shocking Deaths Caught On Live TV

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Here are 5 some of the most brutal deaths caught on live TV!

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5 Most Shocking Deaths Caught On Live TV


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  1. The reason why the Youtuber doesn't show the full video:

    Youtuber: Posts the full disturbing and violent video

    Youtube: Hippity Hoppity, your money's now my property

  2. This is torture!! Suicide is a horrible thing and Satan wants to convince you that there's no way out. But there always is a way, you just have to find it. Everyone has something or someone to live for. Everyone has people that care a lot for them. The Lord wants you to be in heaven with him, while Satan wants to convince you to be depressed so your life can belong to him.

  3. Suggestion.
    When making list of things especially censored you should have text on screen to make it easier to search for things you can't fully show on youtube.
    That way we won't have to rewind the video 3 to 5 times just to make out what you said.

  4. Haha. Really???? Alison Parker/Adam Ward???? They weren't shot FFS, and certainly didn't die. Come on people, I thought most people realised that was a politically motivated hoax which is why it was dropped from mainstream media very quickly (as they screwed it up). Its easy to see (as Kim as you don't watch the clips on CNN etc. Get your eyes away from facebook or kardashians and take a look.

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