The Chilling Exorcism of Anneliese Michel

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One of the most chilling cases of demonic possession of all time.

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Screenshot from “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” by Sony Pictures

Exorcism Tape Audio from Father Arnold Renz.

Made by BFMP
Father Gary Thomas


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  1. I think this is the case of a serverly abused and neglected girl whose parents were the real demons. To deal with her reality, she internalzed her pain and said they were 5 demons. She also said she wasn't permitted to eat…probably because her parents were starving her and told her not to ever speak about the abuse. And to cover themselves they hired help from people they knew would buy into the delusions they painted. They girl was so starved she ate bugs because duh her parents wouldn't feed her. No demonic possesion here. This is well thought out mental and physical abuse.

  2. EEGs don't catch irregular activity unless it's happening and it isn't always constantly present in patients with epilepsy. Mine, for example, only happens when I'm sleep deprived and moving things in and out of my short term memory quickly (like when thinking up a strategy where multiple plans and opponent reactions to those are considered). So saying the EEG didn't find anything is a moot point.

  3. Why is it only Religious people that get possessed? It's because normal Atheists who show signs of blacking out and going insane would get diagnosed with Schizophrenia, or something along those lines. When a Religious person does this exact thing, the family calls it demonic possession and phones in a Priest.

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  5. I remember I was at church once we were there and it was like 2am maybe… I was with my little sisters under a table playing…. it’s all kind of blurry but I remember seeing someone on the ground at the front of the church.. he or she was squirming and the pastor and other sisters and brothers went up to it to yk do what they do. all the parents rushed their kids out into this hallway. right, it was raining so the power went out. all the kids were out in the dark hallway with one of the sisters. our phone flashes were on and I was creeped out. they wouldn’t let the kids in bc we could possibly get possessed too. then they rushed us back in bc one of the sisters had a vision that there was a crazy man running around the halls screaming and was going to take one of the kids. I’d seen possessed but this was scary.

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