Rescue Poor Blind and Paralyzed Dog Drag Body on The Roadside

Rescue Poor Blind and Paralyzed Dog Drag Body on The Roadside
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Rescue Homeless Paralyzed Mother & Puppies in Abandoned House in Forest

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  1. OMG….this is breaking my heart! I am crying, he is so brave, God bless him! Thank you rescuers for helping him!!! Hugs to all you Heroes!!

  2. What happened to this poor pup. Yur not showing if he can walk or still paralyzed. I sure hope healed and found a Loving ? and Furever Home.

  3. ขอบคุณค่ะที่ช่วยให้เขามีชีวิตที่ดีขึ้น อยากให้มีทีมงานแบบนี้ที่บ้านโป่ง ราชบุรีบ้าง เราจะเข้าร่วมด้วย หมาจรบางจุดเยอะมากไม่มีใครสนใจเลย คนเดียวรับไม่ไหวค่ะต้องปล่อยตามกรรม

  4. Praise God! Thank you for helping the animals. There is a reason why vets. have the ability to spay and neuter animals. It should be made more affordable so all can better take care of their pets.

  5. Very sad to see this dog suffer with pain like this poor dog bad owner doing this bad things to their pet thank you for sharing your beautiful pet friendly pet good friendly people help very good thank you for sharing your beautiful dog Bless you all have a good day thank you

  6. Thanks to all who helped the paralyzed dog .God Bless for not leaving the dog like that.Did the poor baby find a forever home.I loved the dog.Sad but happy ending
    God Bless ????️?️❤️?????????????????

  7. Wasting of food on greedy useless dirty dogs.plz dont waste food on greedy unwanted stray dogs.plz help starving humans.they deserves gud food.not dirty dogs

  8. ??chiquito .¿..que le habrá pasado ..para estar en ese estado?.si le teme a los humanos? que dolor verlo asi?y es tan hermoso el.peludito ?..gracias por rescatarlo y operarlo ??al equipo de esta hermosa labor.?..ojala que vuelva a caminar ?y encuentre un hogar? donde reciba el amor ?que se merece ?saludos desde chile ?????

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