Dog Rescue – Ep.5 | TRULY

Dog Rescue - Ep.5 | TRULY
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It’s a busy time at two of the UK’s largest dog rehoming centres. At Manchester Dogs Home, fears run high for centre manager Lisa’s own dog Fraggle. In Harefield, a serious case of puppies with mange proves heartbreaking for key carers. And Charlotte bumps into Martin Freeman at the Dogs Trust Honours but will she get the nominated pets and their owners to the awards on time?

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  1. Faith hope and charity I cried on that one I wanted her to make it so bad I'm so glad her sisters made it. They are so pretty maybe charity just had finished what she needed to do and now she's playing up above to watch over her sisters. I love watching these shows I rescue in the US but it's wonderful to see the rescues all over the world and you learn something every time

  2. Wai fragle was a bedlington I HAVE A BEDLINGTON I hope she doesn't catch a desease and these people are so kind and loving

    1 like = one bone for charity Rip ??

  3. I do really hope that they are having a proper chance to have a real life, so they not be put to sleep too early, and how the h..l can anyone don't SEE THAT THEY NED VET CARE? Pease a s..t, sorry but this makes me so angry and sad that I start to cry, why do humans think that they are the GOODS over every living creatures!

  4. Omgoodness those poor puppy girls, so sad that precious Charity didn't make it. It would've been so nice to see all 3 get well, but thankfully Faith and Hope made it through and hopefully get a loving forever home.

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