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  1. Meanwhile in the white neighborhood… (Crickets, occasional car passing by, otherwise quiet). Come on black people, this shit isn't exactly helping your public image or cause. You're making it easy for the people that DO hate you, to point and say, "see? told you they was a bunch of animals". You can call me a racist if you want, or if it makes you feel better. But you know I'm right. Someone shoulda stepped in, smacked the shit outta both of them, and the people eggin them on. Causing that ruckus, blocking the damn street, and all over some goddamned stupid nonsense. Just trying to help, but I know sometimes truth is bitter medicine to swallow.

  2. dont any one of you have anything better to do with your lives? mob of people standing around to watch and video tape fights are you kidding me. and did i hear correctly someone in the crowd saying this was all over a shirt?? then you have little kids standing around watching all of you and i can see one girl with a bat. move on its a damn shirt. really its time to grow the hell up, start using some common sense.

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