Forever Home (Song about a rescued dog)

Forever Home (Song about a rescued dog)
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For those following my channel, we are shooting an Independent Feature Film about the Novel I wrote based on a true story called the Fix it Shop.I hope to get some of my songs in the movie. You can find info about the project at this link

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  1. What a lovely song!!
    For once, I didn't want to break down and cry when I heard this song, although I did think, just for a second, in the first refrain, that you meant that you were taking the dog to have him put to sleep, because he was suffering!!
    So glad that the song has such a happy ending!!??????✝️⚜️

  2. Freddy Can We use this song for our Non profit rescue? We are bringing a blue heeler girl to the States and We are documenting her story 😀 Your song is perfect… only that She is a girl, I can send you video if you would like to meet her

  3. Hi, may I use this song for a video for Lumberjack Rescue? I am getting together a 12 dogs of Christmas/Home for the holidays campaign. Please let me know. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for the compliments… I will certainly keep the horse song thought in my mind when trying to write a new song… ive never considered myself as a great songwriter, but I do enjoy bringing new songs to life when I have the time to sit down and put my thoughts on paper…

  5. Freedy, you have such talent. Could you make a song about rescue horses? There is so many horses who are overlooked from abuse like my own rescued mare. Heart of Phoenix horse rescue is where she came from and they are very very helpful.  Please, help them save more lives.

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